Lorraine Bowers Albrecht Collection,
1951-2006 (Linear Feet: 1.3. Collection Not Scanned)

The Lorraine Bowers Albrecht Collection (UVA SON DIPLO 1951). This collection focuses on medical illustration and the curriculum and materials Albrecht used while she was an instructor at Lansing Community College. The collection contains many anatomical drawings, some of which are signed by Myra Clark whose individual collection is also archived at the Bjoring Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry. The collection also includes material from Albrecht’s student years at the U.Va. School of Nursing.

Evelyn Crary Bacon Collection,
1944 - 1990 (Linear Feet: 1.5. Collection Not Scanned)

The Bacon Papers represent various phases of her personal and professional life as a nurse between 1942 and 1985. The material is most notable for its World War II correspondence, and for an interview of Bacon discussing her war experiences on cassette tape.

Elizabeth Marie Bear Collection,
1945-1996 (Linear Feet: 1.3. Collection Not Scanned)

The Elizabeth Marie Bear Collection consists of materials assembled by Bear throughout her career.  Particular strengths here include correspondence with social anthropologist Esther Lucile Brown in addition to a taped interview with Brown, the subject of Bear's doctoral dissertation.  Also present are letters and other items of her colleague and fellow nurse Martha Beth Hicks.  Materials from two organizations – the Frontier Nursing Service and the Penn Center of St. Helena Island, South Carolina, a historic African-American cultural and educational institution – are represented.  These primarily include photographs and artifacts.

Caroline Benoist Collection,
1924-1980s (Linear Feet: 0.4. Collection Not Scanned)

The Caroline Benoist Collection comprises Mississippi Public Health nursing reports, printed lectures given at Mississippi State Nursing Association meetings, printed material containing both prenatal and post-partum maternity instructions, nurse training manuals and nursing procedure handouts, professional correspondence, health statistics, and newspapers clippings from that time period. The collection includes detailed information about nursing care of maternity patients and treatments of such diseases as tuberculosis, polio, syphilis, and diphtheria.

Please see also our web exhibit featuring the Benoist Collection:

Alice Constance Burford Booth Papers,
1940s-1960s (Linear Feet: 2.5. Collection Not Scanned)

Alice Burford Booth, R.N., spent most of her career in psychiatric nursing (1945-1967) at the Medical College of Virginia. The Booth Papers include psychiatric nursing material from her days as a student and from her career as an instructor. The information gathered here is a useful resource on the medical treatment of the mentally ill in the World War II era, and on changing attitudes toward mental illness in the medical community and society at large.

Buchholz Collection,
1920-1986 (Linear Feet: .5. Collection Not Scanned)

The Lucy Buchholz Collection is in effect a small tribute to three women whose careers were critical for the development of nursing education in Virginia as well as for the professionalization of nursing practice.  The bulk of the collection (11 folders) concerns Roy Beazley, faculty member of the University of Virginia and Director of Nursing at the University Hospital; included are a few pieces of correspondence, newspaper clippings, keepsake programs, an essay, and photographs.  Other items belonged to her sister, Edith Beazley Miller, and include private duty nurse receipt books and keepsakes arranged in five folders. Ms. Miller was an instructor for a local high school LPN program and nurse at Martha Jefferson Hospital.  The single folder containing biographical items for Mable Montgomery includes a portrait photograph, newspaper articles honoring Montgomery, and an award presentation text.  Ms. Montgomery was an officer and Executive Director of the Virginia State Board of Nursing for three decades.

Alice Huffman Bugel Papers,
1942-2001 (Linear Feet: .5. Collection Not Scanned)

The papers consist of materials principally related to Bugel's Eighth Evacuation Hospital service, including a citation and service award; period newspaper clippings; and an extensive collection of photographs taken at the hospital and on travels nearby.  Also included are various documents and photographs relative to Eighth Evac alumni reunions.

Maxine Burton Collection,
1952 - 1969 (Linear Feet: .3. Collection Not Scanned)

The Burton (U.Va. School of Nursing Diploma 1952 and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification 1975) collection contains cardboard cutouts of various foods with the dietary information printed on the back, cardiovascular-related patient education material, autobiographical notes, and other miscellaneous documents. The other folder contains a letter from Senator John Warner, interoffice communication regarding Mobile Chest Survey, drug preparation guide sheets and rules from the Cardiac Monitoring Unit at Martha Jefferson Hospital.

Rita K. Chow Papers,
1916-2016 (Linear Feet: 10.5. Collection Not Scanned)

The Rita K. Chow Papers document the career, personal, and professional interests of Rita Kathleen Chow (b. 1926), Ed.D., R.N., A.H.N.-C.(P.), F.A.A.N. The scope of the holdings ranges from Chow's educational and early-professional accomplishments, through her formal career with the United States Public Health Service, to her continued educational and leadership activities in retirement.

Myra Clark Collection,
1940-1945 (Linear Feet: .8. Collection Not Scanned)

The Myra Clark collection chronicles three segments of her experience as a Navy nurse during World War II, beginning with her experiences at the Great Lakes Navy Training Station, continuing as a nurse serving at a hospital in the Pearl Harbor area during the 1940s and finally, as a naval nurse stationed at the National Navy Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Her personal and professional experiences are well documented by photographs and other material originally included in four scrapbooks created by Clark. This collection also contains original photographs owned by Clark of American nurses returning from Japanese internment camps in February 1945.

Janet Colaizzi Collection,
1960s-1980s (Linear Feet: .75. Collection Not Scanned)

The bulk of the Janet Colaizzi Collection concerns activities, programs, and psychiatric nursing administration at Eastern State Hospital, the Commonwealth of Virginia's mental health facility in Williamsburg.

Thelma Shobe Cook Collection,
1948-2004 (Linear Feet: 1.5. Collection Not Scanned)

This collection consists of personal papers, images, and ephemera related to Thelma Shobe Cook’s school experiences and public health nursing career. The majority of the collection consists of the correspondence, documents and publications surrounding the establishment of the Thelma Shobe Cook Endowed Chair in Ethical Spiritual Dimensions of Nursing Practice at the University of California, San Francisco School of Nursing.


Annie Laurie Crawford Collection,
1934-1987 (Linear Feet: 1.25. )

The Crawford Papers include publications, presentations, memos, conference reports, and correspondence by Annie Laurie Crawford. The correspondence includes Crawford’s letters to journal editors, communication with health institutions related to psychiatric nursing consulting work, and correspondence with state nurses’ associations.


Virginia C. Dericks Papers,
1923-2010 (Linear Feet: 2.0. Collection Not Scanned)

The Virginia C. Dericks Papers include a small group of biographical materials and publication reprints, but the vast majority of the papers concern Dericks' academic and professional interests.  These include research projects and course notes;  materials for the development and maintenance of professional standards, best practices, and definitions;  public and professional talks;  and patient care strategies.  Six folders of the Dericks Papers contain restricted materials which require, prior to consultation, Institutional Review Board certification.  These concern a mastectomy patient care study; interviews with colostomy patients; and patient correspondence, referrals, and lists.

Barbara H. Dunn Papers,
1973-2012 (Linear Feet: .75. )

The bulk of the Dunn Papers concerns the origination, maintenance, and activities of the Barbara Brodie Scholars program of the University of Virginia School of Nursing. Named in honor of distinguished nursing scholar and University of Virginia faculty member (1970-2003) Barbara Brodie, the Brodie Scholars endowment funds scholarships for nurse practitioner and doctoral students at the University of Virginia. Also represented in the Dunn Papers are graduate program essays and other materials relative to Dunn's doctorate, as well as a folder of miscellaneous items from Dunn's professional career.

Dora Cline Fechtmann Collection,
1934-1944 (Linear Feet: .4. Collection Not Scanned)

The collection is a detailed chronicle of Dora Fechtmann’s life as a nurse from student days through her years serving with the Navy Nurse Corps in the South Seas during World War II. The collection includes four scrapbooks containing photographs, postcards, and correspondence, beginning with her training and concluding with her military nursing service in Base Hospital No. 2 in New Hebrides, New Zealand. The collection also includes a diary, c. 1935-1937, that contains the specific details of her training as a nurse at Rockingham County Memorial Hospital Nurses School in Virginia. Included with the collection is a detailed autobiographical narrative, My Scrapbook: An Album of Memories. Documents of interest include correspondence between herself and the mother of a slain soldier under Fechtmann’s care.

Dianne M. Gagliano Papers,
1966-2013 (Linear Feet: 2.125. Collection Not Scanned)

The Dianne M. Gagliano Collection contains materials assembled by Gagliano over the course of her military career. These include certificates, commendations, and diplomas, in addition to limited correspondence, publications by Gagliano, and newspaper and journal articles concerning Gagliano and other topics. Supplementary items relate to the Vietnam Women's Memorial Project – campaign materials, correspondence, and news articles – and the Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation. A large collection of photographs includes images from the Vietnam era. Office artifacts – plaques and a desk name plate – complete the collection.

Doris F. Glick Collection,
1991-2002 (Linear Feet: 1.25. Collection Not Scanned)

The entirety of the Doris F. Glick Collection comprises materials relating to the three Charlottesville, Va., area Primary Care Nursing Clinics established by Dr. Glick in the 1990s. Glick sited the clinics at the Westhaven Public Housing Complex and at the Crescent Halls Housing Facility for the aged and for persons with disabilities -- both in Charlottesville, Virginia -- and at a "Health Cottage" facility associated with the Greene County, Virginia, public schools.

Dorothy Sandridge Gloor Collection,
1939-2013 (Linear Feet: 2. Collection Not Scanned)

This collections contains many black and white photographs, some color photographs, many newspaper clippings with some annotation and a few artifacts. The bulk of the photography relates to the 8th Evacuation Hospital and Gloor’s experiences in Europe during and after World War II.

Janet Vivian Graham Papers,
1960-2000 (Linear Feet: 6.5. Collection Not Scanned)

The Janet Vivian Graham Papers highlight the professional and personal career of U.S. military nurse Janet V. Graham, Ph.D., R.N. The collection contains materials from Dr. Graham's educational activities as well as her professional activities in the U.S. military health system, particularly concerning health planning and nursing administration as applied to the development of computerized data collection, management programs, and system design.

Kathryn Jaquette Collection,
1969-1974 (Linear Feet: 1.25. Collection Not Scanned)

The Jaquette Papers help to shed light on the early development of the nurse practitioner movement in the seventies. The materials gathered here contain training program protocols, practice protocols, legislative materials, educational pamphlets, journal articles, and newspaper articles related to this important nursing specialty.

Jacqueline Mae Rutledge Jones Collection ,
1938 - 1949 (Linear Feet: .4. Collection Not Scanned)

The Jacqueline Mae Rutledge Jones Collection documents the experiences of a student nurse at UVA School of Nursing c. 1948 and contains artifacts, photographs, correspondence, publications, and other documents as well as biographical notes by her children.

Louise Paris Jones Collection,
1940s - 1980s (Linear Feet: 2. Collection Not Scanned)

The Jones Papers contain publications, presentations, memos, professional notes, journal articles, and correspondence related to her work as a psychiatric mental health certified nurse specialist and as a licensed counselor. The materials, dating from the 1940s to the 1990s, represent an overview of Jones’ varied career as clinician, counselor, instructor, administrator, and consultant.

Arlene W. Keeling Collection,
1893-2006 (Linear Feet: 2.0. Collection Not Scanned)

The Arlene W. Keeling Collection contains a limited number of professional and personal materials assembled by Dr. Keeling over her career. Of particular importance to nursing history researchers is a collection of original manuscript materials, prints and photographs which Dr. Keeling has acquired for use in Bjoring Center exhibitions, presentations, and research projects. These include late-nineteenth to early-twentieth-century materials concerning nursing practice and medical treatments.

Jeanette Lancaster Collection,
1989-2008 (Linear Feet: 1.75. Collection Not Scanned)

This collection consists of four boxes of the papers of Jeanette Lancaster from her years as Dean of the School of Nursing at the University of Virginia (1989-2008). It contains photographs, CDs, slides, speeches and publications by and about Lancaster.

Agnes M. Marshall Collection,
1967-2008 (Linear Feet: 2. Collection Not Scanned)

The Agnes M. Marshall Collection comprises three groups of materials: 1) correspondence files and writings by or about Marshall. Of particular interest here are the initial years of letters detailing the tasks and negotiations required to nurture the association and its journal; and, in 1983, the vigorous debate concerning the name change for the association. 2) American Association of Neuroscience Nursing (A.A.N.N.) materials. 3) World Federation of Neuroscience Nursing (W.F.N.N.) materials, most from the 1973 annual meeting in Tokyo, Japan.

Rosemary T. McCarthy Papers,
1958-2004 (Linear Feet: 1.5. Collection Not Scanned)

The bulk of the Rosemary T. McCarthy Papers concern Dr. McCarthy's interests and activities after her retirement from the Army Nurse Corps in 1983. Chief among these is her participation in the Korean War Veterans' Memorial Advisory Committee, documented in correspondence, publications, photographs, and related materials. The collection also includes general correspondence concerning professional and academic matters.

Josephine McLeod/Virginia State Board of Nursing Collection,
1890s-1940s (Linear Feet: 2.0. Collection Not Scanned)

The Josephine McLeod/Virginia State Board of Nursing Collection principally contains correspondence, reports, and informational brochures relative to nursing training programs and schools operating in Virginia in the 1920s to the 1940s.

Nancy Milio Collection,
1965-2013 (Linear Feet: 1.1. Collection Not Scanned)

The Nancy Milio Collection contains manuscript and published materials principally related to the organization and operation of the Mom and Tots Neighborhood Center, which Milio established in southeast Detroit, Michigan in 1966.

Most important are a series of nine "field notebooks," or diaries kept by professor Milio between 1965 and 1968. These notebooks comprise a near daily record of Milio's activities, meetings, interactions, conversations, assessments, and impressions of the various individuals and conditions she encountered as a public health nurse and community organizer in the Kercheval and McClellan district of Detroit, a low-income, African American neighborhood.

Of particular significance are the insights Milio gained regarding race relations and identity formation, and the critical importance of collaborative strategies to the successful organization of a truly neighborhood-based women's health service and day care facility.

Please also see our web exhibit featuring the Milio Collection.

Gretchen Osgood Collection,
1963 - 1990 (Linear Feet: 1.5. Collection Not Scanned)

The Osgood Collection is composed primarily of government publications containing data from numerous nursing surveys from the 1960s through the 1990s. These studies focus primarily on nursing education and manpower, and legal issues related to the health professions.


Edythe Goldstein Pallin Collection,
1943-1945, 2004 (Linear Feet: 1. Collection Not Scanned)

This collection documents the experiences of Edythe Goldstein Pallin in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps, from 1943 to 1945. The original setting for most collection materials was a scrapbook assembled by Pallin. It includes U.S. Army documents, various publications, correspondence, ephemera related to activities of daily life. The bulk of the collection, however, is photographic prints, many of which include context in the form of written notes either on the back or beside the original placement in the scrapbook. Most of the oldest photos are from 1943, although there are a few from Pallin’s earlier nursing school years. The latest photos are from Pallin’s last days on Ie Shima in September of 1945.

JoAnne Peach Collection,
1975-2000 (Linear Feet: 5. Collection Not Scanned)

The JoAnne Peach Collection provides extensive documentation of the development of the role of nurse practitioner in Virginia as well as the development of the nurse practitioner program at the U.Va. School of Nursing. The collection includes NP program curricula and instructional materials, correspondence, papers, and publications.

Lois Miller Pilch Collection,
1937-1981 (Linear Feet: 1.25. Collection Not Scanned)

The majority of the Lois Miller Pilch Collection contains materials written and assembled by Pilch during her long career with the Washington, D.C. Department of Public Health, from 1948 to 1981. Subject areas concern public services for adolescent health and for children with mental and physical disabilities. Global-level program descriptions and reviews complement documentation generated by daily operations. Of particular interest here are case reports describing individuals and family circumstances; use of these items is restricted to IRB-certified researchers.

Rose Pinneo Collection,
1963-1967 (Linear Feet: .4. Collection Not Scanned)

This small but noteworthy collection centers on Pinneo's work at the Presbyterian-University of Pennsylvania Hospital Coronary Care Unit, 1963-1967. The bulk of the material concerns the grant-funded study undertaken during these years: "Intensive Nursing Care in Acute Myocardial Infarction," and includes research design materials, data sheets, analytical essays, and a draft report. Numerous publications and talk/presentation scripts by Pinneo concern coronary nursing. Some publications by her physician colleagues are also included, along with a photographic collection.

Patricia M. Quill Collection,
1953-1999 (Linear Feet: 1. Collection Not Scanned)

The Patricia M. Quill Collection includes material pertaining to Saint Vincent’s Hospital School of Nursing and to Ms. Quill's experience as a founding member and eventual president of the New York State Coalition of Nurse Practitioners (NYSCONP).

Aline Jeannette (Vier) Shrum Collection,
1946-1958 (Linear Feet: .5. Collection Not Scanned)

This small collection contains materials from Aline Jeannette (Vier) Shrum's early professional career as a nurse, 1946-1958. Ms. Shrum worked principally at sites overseas from her native London: South Africa and Brazil. Official documents and correspondence record her trajectory and assignments, including immunization and health certification records, tax documents from the authorities in South Africa, and rules for nurses (promulgated by the General Nursing Council for England and Wales in 1924 and 1931). A number of publications from Guy's Hospital, London, give history, news, and medical information for the hospital's nurse graduates. Of particular interest is a photograph album showing African patients at Grey's Hospital, Pietermaritzburg, in the province of Natal, South Africa. The Shrum Collection also includes four metal boxes outfitted for travel; three of these contain medical supplies and equipment, not yet inventoried.

Maury Margaret Schwarz Smith Papers,
1916-1971 (Linear Feet: 1.5. Collection Not Scanned)

The Smith Papers offer a glimpse into the life of an Army nurse through keepsakes and photograph albums, and highlight as well Smith's later career in public health nursing. Included are Army publications and pamphlets relative to World War One, and a rare complete set of hospital magazines produced for the patients and staff of the Camp Grant Base Hospital, Illinois, in 1919. Among other items Smith saved is a spectacular collection of panoramic photographs, with views of Fort Sheridan, Illinois; the 1921 Army School of Nursing graduation ceremony in a forest at the Presidio, San Francisco, California; and of the nearby facilities at Letterman General Hospital.

Jean Sorrells-Jones Collection,
1972-1997 (Linear Feet: 11.5. Collection Not Scanned)

The collection comprises records from the University of Virginia Medical Center Division of Nursing during Jean Sorrells-Jones tenure from 1987 to 1997. These include meeting minutes, correspondence, proposals, project notes, planning documents, policy records and more.

Phyllis J. Verhonick Collection,
1964-1995 (Linear Feet: .25. Collection Not Scanned)

This small collection of items by and concerning Phyllis J. Verhonick was assembled from two sources: 1) the private collection of U.S. Army Nurse Corps Colonel Rosemary T. McCarthy, and 2) institutional holdings of the University of Virginia School of Nursing. Included are biographical sketches of Verhonick, given after her decease, three academic papers (of the many she produced), a diary (1971-74) of meeting and research notes by Verhonick (as Acting Dean of the School of Nursing), and materials related to the University of Virginia Nursing Research Conferences and the U.S. Army Nurse Corps Nursing Research Courses organized in her memory.

Camilla Louise Wills Collection ,
1907 - 1975 (Linear Feet: 1.75. Collection Entirely Scanned)

The Camilla Louise Wills Collection documents Wills' experiences as a Red Cross nurse serving overseas during World War I and her subsequent career in public health and health education in the southwestern United States. The bulk of the collection concerns Wills' experiences in the nineteens-teens and twenties, particularly during the World War One years.

Pat Booth Woodard Collection,
1924-1975 (Linear Feet: .5. Collection Not Scanned)

The Pat Booth Woodard Collection assembles a variety of documents relative to the theory and practice of nursing education at the University of Virginia School of Nursing in the late-1960s to mid-1970s.