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We’re not shy about our belief that the School of Nursing has some of the best faculty and staff in the nation.

Accordingly, our research, scholarship and publications are shaping national nursing thinking and practice — and the health care industry at large.

We work in one of the best nursing schools in the country and are at the heart of the University of Virginia, ranked #2 among the nation’s public universities. We live in idyllic Charlottesville, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our facilities, housed in the Claude Moore Nursing Education Building and McLeod Hall, are top notch, providing generous lecture halls, equipped classrooms, inviting common areas and wireless access.

Renowned for its growth, optimism, and advocacy, we consistently deliver opportunities for career advancement and satisfaction.

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A healthy work environment

  • Civility first
    A consistent, seasoned focus on maintaining a healthy work environment, with meaningful opportunities to collaborate with and recognize peers
  • No weekend emails
    Hearty resolve to respect boundaries between professional and personal time
  • Not just nurses
    A vibrant roster of new faculty from across the educational spectrum, 10 of whom joined the School in 2016 in partnership with Curry School of Education and the School of Architecture
  • Kindness, from the top down
    Under the leadership of a dynamic dean, a civil, collegial environment of diverse thinkers, scholars and support staff
  • Fiercely proud
    A generous, involved, loyal alumni base, with more than $50 million in private donations raised since 2008

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