Proud to be a Preceptor


Preceptors are experienced clinicians who supervise nursing students in a clinical setting giving them practical experience with patients. This year, 246 preceptors in dozens of Virginia hospitals and clinics are working one-to-one with nursing students to nurture their skills and confidence.

Your work means a great deal to us, and to your students. As a key member of the School of Nursing team, we thank you for nurturing the next generation of nursing professionals with clarity, compassion and purpose.

Preceptor Orientation Materials

Preceptors for Pre-Licensure Students:

Please review:

Preceptors for Advanced Practice Students:

New to precepting? Check out these resources:

Please note: preceptor resumes/CVs are kept on file to comply with program accreditation requirements. This information will not be shared with anyone other than our accrediting bodies.


Sample versions of the evaluation forms described in the orientation manuals: