Nursing Research


Associate Dean for Research
Linda F. C. Bullock

Conducted by teams, at centers and by individual faculty and students, UVA nursing's specialty areas fall into ten distinct clusters:

  • compassionate & palliative care
  • intimate partner violence
  • nursing history
  • pediatric & family health,
  • chronic disease
  • health disparities
  • interprofessional education
  • dementia and aging
  • oncology
  • resilience and mindfulness

In addition to federal grants, the School also receives funding from private foundations and university grants to stimulate creative projects. All nursing students conduct their own research as individuals, or as part of teams. Opportunities for enrichment are robust -- and limitless.

The School of Nursing’s strong research mission includes a foundation based on collaboration to produce new knowledge. From developing new understandings of human behavior to new models for care delivery, our research teams are energetic, focused -- and growing.

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