Dear Alumni,

It’s an honor and privilege to be addressing you as the newly elected president of the Alumni Council. I am humbled and excited to serve in this role and work with all of you to support our students, alumni, and the University of Virginia.

As the first male and LGBTQ+ Council president, I strongly believe that diversity is a strength at the School of Nursing and essential to its health and longevity. My fellow Council members and I are committed to continuing to foster an inclusive and collaborative alumni community.

As Council vice president for the last three years, I am proud of the significant updates we’ve made to the bylaws and infrastructure that will help us meet the changing needs of our students and alumni in the 21st century. The Council is optimistic that we will see a significant impact from these changes.

Joshua James, BSN graduate and Alumni Association PresidentOur goals for 2023-2024 include:

  • Raising awareness of the Council and its work through social media, educational offerings, and in-person activities
  • Providing opportunities for alumni to network and mentor current students and graduates and build stronger connections between the Council and alumni community
  • Supporting the Council’s efforts to recruit and retain engaged and diverse alumni into its ranks

The Council is poised to make these goals a reality, but alumni support is essential. While financial support is always welcome, I also ask that you consider volunteering with the Alumni Council. It’s a great way to stay connected with the University and School of Nursing communities. 

I’m tremendously grateful for the education I received at UVA, and so proud to be a nurse. I thank you again for this opportunity to lead and I look forward to continued progress over the coming years. Wahoowa!


Joshua James, alumni association president, signature 2

Joshua James (BSN ’05)
Richmond, VA