We see you.

To Our Dedicated Nursing Alumni Community:

We see you.

We see the social media posts from those of you who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, and from those who are caring for friends and family. We know that many of you—whether on the frontlines or sidelines—are, at times, struggling. We are, too. Our nation has never seen anything like this before. And, because we are nurses, we find ourselves called to the cause of caring—to those close to us and to those who come to us in great need.

At this most challenging time, we applaud you, and send our encouragement and support. We know this is not what you expected when you first held that nursing diploma in your hands; it’s not what any of us ever expected. But now, more than ever before, we must use our knowledge and skills, and rely on our courage and confidence, to be resilient.

You are not alone. You are part of our UVA alumni community, and we stand with you—strong and proud. We will get through this together. And in just a few short weeks, a roster of new UVA nursing graduates will join you, eager to play their part.

No matter your proximity to COVID-19, we encourage each of you to acknowledge the intensity of this difficult situation and to do whatever it takes to take care of yourself. Please tap the resources available through our Compassionate Care Initiative , where you will find invitations to take part in live, guided meditations, yoga, t’ai chi—even visits with Kenny, our therapy dog. We also invite you to share your stories with us, both good and challenging, so that we may help, support, and encourage one another.

Above all, remember that, no matter where this message finds you—in the harried heart of the ICU or caring for loved ones at home—you are a hero. And you are not alone.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Pam Cipriano, Sadie Heath Cabaniss Professor and Dean
Theresa Carroll, Senior Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Services
Sandy Reed-Bryant, President, UVA Nursing Alumni Council