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The collection consists primarily of publications, presentations, memos, professional notes, journal articles, and correspondence related to Mrs. Jones' work as a psychiatric mental health certified nurse specialist and as a licensed counselor. The materials date from the 1940s to the 1990s, and represent an overview of Jones' varied career as clinician, counselor, instructor, administrator, and consultant; documenting her education, professional roles and activities, and continuing education.

Biographical Information

Information provided by Conrad Jones:

Louise Paris Jones was born July 2, 1931 in Wilmington, Delaware. She received a RN degree from Stamford Hospital School of Nursing in Connecticut, a BS from Roanoke College, and a BSN and MSN in psychiatric mental health nursing from the University of Virginia. Jones was certified and licensed by the Virginia Board of Professional Counselors, the Virginia Board of Nursing, and the University of Virginia Institute of Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy.

She began her career as an operating room nurse at the Dupont Institute in Wilmington, Delaware, and later worked in OR at Roanoke Memorial Hospital. From 1969 to 1975 Jones was employed by Community Hospital of Roanoke Valley, initially as a maternal child nursing instructor, then as assistant director of Nursing Services for In-service Education. In 1976-1977 she served as director of clinical nursing at St. Albans Psychiatric Hospital in Radford, leaving to pursue her MSN at the University of Virginia, where she concurrently worked as a program specialist for nursing in the UVa Continuing Education Division at the Roanoke Regional Center. Jones remained in her con-tinuing education position from 1978-1980, while also working as a professional counselor in private practice with psychiatrist Andrew Bockner, MD. In 1980 she became director of Emer-gency Outreach Services for Mental Health Services of Roanoke Valley, leaving in 1983 to take the position of director of the School for Professional Nursing at Roanoke Memorial Hospital, where she remained until 1986. Jones again worked with Dr. Bockner from 1988-1993, then became a clinical specialist in psychiatric nursing at the Veterans' Administration Hospital in Salem, Virginia. Throughout her career Jones was also active as a consultant in health care and in nursing education in Virginia. She died on January 13, 1999 in Bent Mountain, Virginia.

Scope and Content

Box 1 Series 1: Educational Materials (1946 – 1998)

Folder 1 Educational Materials: Anger (1970 – 1990)

Journal articles, cartoons, presentation notes, and anger worksheets

Folder 2 Educational Materials: Anxiety (1973 – 1993)

Journal articles, book chapter, NIH treatment guidelines, educational booklet

Folder 3 Educational Materials: Borderline Personality Disorder (1975 – 1994)

Journal articles, emails, and papers

Folder 4 Educational Materials: Communication (1971 – 1986)

Journal articles, cartoons, presentation notes; guidelines on communication, listening, family communication, public speaking

Folder 5 Educational Materials: Competency Model (1973 – 1975)

“Competency Model” lecture, evaluation tool, continuing education papers and audiovisual handout originals.

Folder 6 Educational Materials: Coronary Care (1972)

Materials for coronary care nursing course include agenda, lectures, and EKG samples

Folder 7 Educational Materials: Critical Care (1974 – 1975)

Materials for “Critical Care” nursing course including agenda, quizzes, and anatomical drawings

Folder 8 Educational Materials: Depressive Disorders (1977 – 1992)

NIH guidelines on depression in late life, book chapter copy, US Dept. of Health & Human Services booklets on depression in primary care, notes on teleconference

Folder 9 Educational Materials: Defense Mechanisms (1970 – 1995)

Cartoons depicting defense mechanisms, definitions of defense mechanisms

Folder 10 Educational Materials: Eating Disorders (1990s)

Materials on “Eating Feelings” seminar, handouts on eating-related topics, eating habits questionnaire

Folder 11 Educational Materials: Emergency Psychiatric Care (1960 – 1994)

Lecture materials from file titled “Understanding the Psychiatric Patient,” Attitude Inventory Exercise, guidelines for managing psychiatric emergencies, brochure for emergency service

Folder 12 Educational Materials: Groups (1947 – 1979)

Articles, nurse-specific group information, team development guidebook, booklets on developing work relationships and getting acquainted, guides to human relations theories, group roles

Folder 13 Educational Materials: Groups – Continued (1980 – 1992)

Journal articles, leadership packet for “Surviving Dysfunctional Families”, problem-solving materials, bibliography

Box 2 Series 1: Educational Material, Continued (1946 – 1998)

Folder 1 Educational Materials: Groups – Continued (1993 – 1996)

Group skills, protocol, outcomes, leadership styles, objectives, and roles, group workshop papers, pyscho-educational group rating Scale.

Folder 2 Educational Materials: Groups – Continued (Undated)

Group Process class originals, ethical guidelines for group leaders, Johari window, family interview, Stress exercises, handling group conflict, group methods

Folder 3 Educational Materials: Mental Health (1974 – 1997)

Social competency paper; articles and guides on parenting and child custody, specific emotions, assumptions of mental health, feelings

Folder 4 Educational Materials: Psychiatric Assessment & Treatment (1973 – 1989)

Mental status manual, outline for psychiatric examination, AIMS Scale, mini-mental state examination, psychosexual-social history questionnaire and timeline, client information form for Mental Health Services of Roanoke Valley, in-service notes.

Folder 5 Educational Materials: Psych. Asesssment & Treatment – Cont.(1990 – 1995)

Admission database, role play, "Metaphor: A Bridge to the Unconscious" presentation, assessment guidelines, articles, and client contact sheet.

Folder 6 Educational Materials: Psychiatric Disorders/Mental Illness (1966 – 1998)

Journal articles, UVA patient care plans, materials on counseling principles and ego states, letter concerning a client's diagnosis

Folder 7 Educational Materials: Scales and Testing Materials (1980 – 1989)

Patient worksheet originals.

Folder 8 Educational Materials: Scales & Testing Materials – Cont. (1989 – 1996)

MMPI evaluation, patient questionnaires, patient worksheet originals, social position index, geriatric depression scale, feelings inventory

Folder 9 Educational Materials: Self-Esteem (1962 – 1976)

Journal articles, introduction to self-concept, handwritten notes

Folder 10 Educational Materials: Self-Esteem – Continued (1977 – 1994)

Literature review, articles on self-esteem, patient worksheet originals

Folder 11 Educational Materials: Self-Esteem Group (1995)

Handwritten and typed notes, self-esteem group protocol, and group therapy packet which includes theory, strategies, and exercises

Folder 12 Educational Materials: The Role of the Psychiatric Nurse (1974 – 1992)

Letters, notes, copy of speech and other documents related to a lecture given by Jones

Folder 13 Educational Materials: Therapeutic Milieu (1946 – 1993)

List of basic assumptions of human behavior, material for client education, inpatient rules and guidelines

Series Two: Graduate Records (1972 – 1979)

Folder 14 Graduate School Records (1972 – 1977)

Course outlines and syllabi

Folder 15 Graduate School Records – Cont. (1976 – 1977)

Papers written by Jones for graduate coursework: Anger: Color it Red; Personal Reaction Paper/Learning Papers; Analysis of Organizational Problem; Intellectualization as a Coping Behavior in Manic-Depressive Psychosis; Problem Paper

Folder 16 Graduate School Records – Cont.(1976 – 1979)

Course syllabi

Box 3: Series Three: Research Papers (1973 – 1997)

Folder 1 Research Papers (1973 – 1978)

Tracheostomy study and patient classification study by Jones

Folder 2 Research Papers – Continued (1978-1981)

Documents related to Jones' masters thesis, Tennessee Self-Concept Scale, case study report, and documents related to study to evaluate effects of exercise on diabetic rats.

Folder 3 Research Papers – Continued (1993 – 1997)

Documents related to Virginia Twin Project

Series Four: Nursing History (1911 – 1992)

Folder 4 Nursing History (1911 – 1984)

Letters and papers regarding the history of the Nightingale Pledge, nursing cap history, student nurses association newsletter, AAHN Conference booklet, and the International Council of Nurses

Folder 5 Nursing History – Continued (1937 - 1985)

Sarah Luster’s History of Roanoke Memorial Hospital, including related correspondence and photocopies of original documents such as a Cadet Nurse Certificate

Series Five: Work Records (1971 – 1998)

Folder 6 Work Records (1971 – 1976)

Handbook “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Nursing Service in 1971”, patient bill of rights pamphlet, ANA newsletter, VNA letter

Folder 7 Work Records – Continued (1976)

Copy of Vocational-Technical Education Consortium of States catalog on nursing assistance occupations, including letter thanking Jones for her contributions to its creation

Folder 8 Work Records – Continued (1976 – 1980)

Reports by Jones on St. Albans Psychiatric Hospital, where she served as director of clinical nursing; inservice education papers and brochures

Folder 9 Work Records – Continued (1978 – 1980)

Correspondence related to Jones' counseling practice, her job description, and legal, informational materials on licensed professional counselors

Folder 10 Work Records – Continued (1980 – 1982)

Documents from Jones' role as director of Emergency Outreach Services in Roanoke; client contact form, job evaluation forms, correspondence related to patients and personnel

Folder 11 Work Records – Continued (1982 – 1986)

Documents from Jones' role as director of Roanoke Memorial Hospital (RMH) School of Nursing, including psychiatric nursing standards, sample of counseling work, report on the status of the school, and correspondence related to the functioning of the school and to Jones' counseling licensure and practice

Folder 12 Work Records – Continued (1985)

RMH School of Nursing documents: SON catalogue, personnel evaluation forms, notes for banding ceremony, annual report, and correspondence related to development of a BSN program

Folder 13 Work Records – Continued (1985)

RMH School of Nursing documents: Student handbook, test performance report

Box 4 Work Records (1971 – 1998) (cont'd.)

Folder 1 Work Records – Continued (1986)

RMH School of Nursing documents: Faculty development survey, proposal to join forces with Ferrum College for a BSN program, performance evaluation documents, NLN test results, and faculty minutes

Folder 2 Work Records – Continued (1988)

RMH School of Nursing documents: clinical skills performance checklist, school logo, school philosophy, definition of organizations

Folder 3 Work Records – Continued (1992 – 1993)

Documents related to Jones' employment as a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist at the Salem, Virginia Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (VAMC). This includes job application, job descriptions, performance evaluations, and correspondence.

Folder 4 Work Records – Continued (1994)

Salem VAMC documents: includes performance evaluations, materials related to workshops and programs conducted by Jones, documents related to expert legal testimony by Jones.

Folder 5 Work Records – Continued (1995)

Salem VAMC documents: includes performance evaluations, materials related to workshops and programs conducted by Jones, job descriptions, discussion of client issues.

Folder 6 Work Records – Continued (1995-1996)

Salem VAMC: Materials on the role and definition of the clinical nurse specialist; correspondence about therapy groups and courses/workshops taught by Jones, and concerning Jones' resignation; Jones' ideas for improving function of her unit of VAMC; personnel records and evaluations

Folder 7 Work Records – Continued (1997)

Licensing and re-certification documents, and Center for Emotional Wellness employment agreement.

Folder 8 Work Records: Continuing Education (1980 – 1998)

Notes, handouts, correspondence, and certificates from continuing education sessions attended

Folder 9 Work Records: Equal Employment Opportunity (1995)

Documents from EEO training course and from specific cases handled by Jones

Folder 10 Work Records: Groups (1993 – 1995)

Documents removed from a binder labeled: "Therapeutic Program-Building 8", relating to Jones' work as a group facilitator for the psychiatric unit at the Salem VAMC. Includes protocols for groups, scheduling, etc.

Folder 11 Work Records: Client Papers (1992 – 1995)

Correspondence from client-related court case. Handwritten notes (charting) and associated correspondence from therapy group for female veterans

Folder 12 Work Records: Client Papers- Continued (1993 – 1995)

Protocol for psycho-educational groups, handwritten notes from interpersonal group

Folder 13 Work Records: Anger Group (1993 – 1994)

Book I - Handwritten notes (charting) from anger group

Folder 14 Work Records: Anger Group – Continued (1994 – 1996)

Book II - Handwritten notes (charting) from anger group

Series Description

The collection has been arranged into five series, reflecting topical and functional divisions imposed by Jones. These are: educational materials, graduate records, research papers, nursing history, and work records. To conserve space, only the first pages of journal articles have been retained.



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