Nursing students may incorporate international clinical experiences into their nursing education, including semester-long study abroad and/or programs during J-term and in the summer, or connect with UVA’s International Studies Office (ISO) for opportunities not directly related to nursing.

Semester-Long Exchanges

The semester-long study abroad program is for BSN students in their fourth year.  It is arranged with a foreign nursing school and includes clinical activities during the exchange.

  • Australia – University of Queensland

For information, contact Emma Mitchell, associate professor.

January Term Courses

A full list of J-Term courses can be found on the January Term website. Nursing students may be particularly interested in the following programs:

UVA in St. Kitts and Nevis

West Indies Health Care: Disaster Preparedness
Wendy Cohen, program director

Public Health and Cancer Prevention on Roatan Island 

Roatan, Honduras
Emma Mitchell, program director

Summer Programs

Summer programs abroad will vary according to the year they are offered as well as by beginning and ending dates.  Current summer offerings can be found on the Education Abroad website.

Global Sustainability Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Global Sustainability benefits students of all majors who want to understand the many facets of sustainability and learn how to apply this knowledge to their daily lives. The minor empowers students across the University in common efforts to accomplish real change through community engagement with sustainable projects in their communities and beyond, and establishes connections between different disciplines and prepares students to incorporate sustainable practices into their varied, future careers.

The minor is housed in the School of Architecture and guided by a governing board of representatives from the six partner academic units, the Office of the Vice President for Research, and a sustainability student group.

CNL Community Health Practica

The School of Nursing has relationships with organizations around the world that are able to provide clinical placements to students. Offerings will vary based on partner sites.  Interested CNL students should contact the School of Nursing Global Opportunities office. 


Additional Opportunities

Independent study: students who are seeking to work independently on theses, capstones, or other research projects in global settings.

Mentored research: students who are working with faculty as research assistants in global settings.

UVA Center for Global Health Equity (CGHE) focuses on health as a transcendent and unambiguous human value that engages multiple disciplines across the University of Virginia and across cultural, economic, and geographic divides. Our CGH model emphasizes academics, service, and research.