Dr. Campbell's research and clinical interests are focused on hospice and palliative care decision-making and outcomes. Her program of research is focusing on end-of-life decision-making, exploring rural and ethnic/racial perspectives on patient/caregiver satisfaction with hospice services, and educating nurses in rural communities about pain management.

Honors and Awards

  • Anne Pollok Hemmings Fellow 2009-2010, University of Virginia School of Nursing Class of 1959 (2009)
  • Member of the Healthy Appalachia Institute at University of Virginia's College at Wise, University of Virginia's College at Wise (2009)
  • Excellence in Diversity Fellow, Teaching Resource Center at the University of Virginia (2005)
  • Fellow of the Center for Global Health University of Virginia, The Center for Global Health University of Virginia (2013)

Research Focus

Hospice care, Palliative Care, Outcomes.

Recent Grants

  • Patient and family satisfaction with hospice care
  • Academic Community Engagement Grant
  • Appalachian Partnership in Pain Management

Clinical Focus

Hospice Care.

Teaching Focus

Adult-Health in the undergraduate and Clinical Nurse Leader programs.


  • Women's Center Advisory Council-Executive Committee, Women's Center at University of Virginia (2006-present)
  • Chair of the DNP/MSN/Post-Master's Committee, School of Nursing (2009-2011)
  • Standing Search Committee, School of Nursing (2009-2011)
  • State Liaison for Virginia, Southern Nursing Research Society (2013-2014)
  • Scientific Sub-committee Member, Hospice and Palliative Care Nurses Association (2012-2013)
  • Chair of the PhD Program Committee, School of Nursing (2103-2014)


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Book Sections

Campbell, C. (2020). Palliative care. In E. E. Friberg (Ed.), Conceptual foundations: The bridge to professional nursing practice (7th ed., pp. 338-347). Elsevier, Inc.

Columns, Editorials and Op-Eds

Campbell, C., & Ducar, D. (2023, August 22). How to take care of trans patients in hospice. STAT News.