University of Virginia School of Nursing
NO ESCAPE: In-bathroom stall reminders about reducing food and other waste provide compelling reading for a captive audience.

Recyclable coffee pods for the plastic-loving Keurig.

Green "tips of the month."

Scrap paper repositories.

Printers that automate the front-and-back selection.

And yes, those ubiquitous reminders to reduce, reuse, and recycle ... even in the bathroom.

The School of Nursing's efforts to boost sustainability during 2017 didn't go unnoticed. Thanks to the drive and diligence of its 12-member "Green Team" -- comprised of faculty and staff -- the School earned a silver award from UVA's Green Workplace Program, indicating its conquering of 50 of the total list of 60 energy- and cost-savings actions.

reen Workplace Program's silver award for energy conservation and sustainability

As a certified green workplace, the School of Nursing is the only one of UVA's eleven schools to earn such an award and one of just ten workplaces around Grounds to be certified.

A warm shout-out and special thanks to Green Team members who made this feat possible, including:

  • Linda Hanson
  • John Teahan
  • Hannah Crosby
  • Julie Lassetter
  • Austin Stajduhar
  • Marcia LaFleur
  • Becky Bowers
  • Devonia Love