Julie Haizlip is a clinical professor of nursing and holds a joint appointment as associate professor of Pediatrics. 

Based on her experiences working in a collaborative health care environment, Dr. Haizlip has developed an interest in interprofessional education and practice.  She serves at co-director of the UVA Center for ASPIRE (Academic Strategic Partnership for Interprofessional Research and Education) with Dr. Tina Brashers and has worked with the UVA Center for Appreciative Practice since its inception.  She has completed a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology  and has published and presented nationally on creating culture change in academic health care using applications of positive psychology. 

Dr. Haizlip is board certified in pediatrics and pediatric critical care and she has practiced as a pediatric intensivist for more than 10 years.   Currently she maintains a practice with UVA Health Systems’ Pediatric Sedation Service. 

Research Focus

Research Focus Applications of Positive Psychology in Interprofessional Education and Practice

Clinical Focus

Clinical Focus Pediatrics, Pediatric Critical Care


Journal Articles

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