DNP Class of 2023 graduate Claire Lewis, a gynecological oncology nurse practitioner at INOVA in Fairfax, Va.

Meet Claire.

DNP student and a member of the class of 2023. Dog mom to 12-year-old pup “Rems” and a person who loves to travel with her family. Former ER nurse turned gynecological oncology nurse practitioner, an apothecary dabbler, and a mentor-preceptor-teacher of nursing students and medical residents on their clinical rotations at INOVA. Proud to be a leader in INOVA Hospital’s new advanced practice provider shared governance initiative and a “creative” nurse who uses her skills in the “biggest, widest ways possible.”


“I was looking for my next challenge and felt a little stagnant in my work life. I needed to know: how can I initiate research? What do leadership and financial models look like? How do I speak and be heard by people in the C-suite?Before it was ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ and use my personality to hold court; but what I’m learning now has set a leadership foundation so I can continue to grow in my roles. Earning a DNP was the best decision ever; the formal education, leadership, and networking skills have been incredible.”


Relationships. I’ve been so impressed by how many people are reaching out to me on a regular basis … my advisor is open and friendly and builds me up; professors are easy to work with and great role models. Students in my class: it’s been so very personal and great relationships are being built. I’ll have them forever.”