Cipriano, who served a three-year term as UVA's 6th nursing dean throughout COVID-19, will be named one of six AAN 'Living Legends' in October 2023.

Dean emerita and International Council of Nurses' president Pamela F. Cipriano, a research associate professor of nursing, will be honored as one of six "Living Legends" by the American Academy of Nursing, the group's highest honor, at its annual policy conference in October 2023.

"We couldn't be more proud of and grateful for her work and the example she sets for our students. She, and her fellow honorees, are examples for all of us."

Dean Marianne Baernholdt

Cipriano—renowned for raising the voice, visibility, and stature of nurses over the course of her more than 40 years as a nurse—has held leadership positions across a variety of academic, organizational, and healthcare organizations, including at the helm of UVA School of Nursing (2019-2022) and as chief nursing officer at UVA Health, which earned its initial Magnet designation during her tenure. Currently president of the International Council of Nurses and two-term president of the American Association of Nursing (2014-2018), Cipriano is and has been a leading voice advocating for safe, supportive nursing environments and championed the well-being of the global workforce of 28 million nurses.

"Her exceptional ability to link the advancement of the profession to health security, quality of care, economic growth, and improved health outcomes has transformed health delivery around the world," the American Academy of Nursing said in a statement.

Cipriano, also a fierce advocate for nursing education at UVA and around the world, served as the School's 6th dean beginning in mid-2019, just before the COVID-19 pandemic upended the teaching, learning, practice, and living patterns around the world, ultimately stepping down at the end of the academic year in mid-2022 when Marianne Baernholdt, the School's 7th dean, was appointed. 

"Pam is extraordinary for many reasons," said Baernholdt, "but her advocacy work is her greatest strength, and connects her to nurses and policy makers worldwide. We couldn't be more proud of and grateful for her work and the example she sets for our students. She, and her fellow honorees, are examples for all of us."

In addition to Cipriano, the Academy's other "Living Legends" include Drs. Janice G. Brewington, Martha A.Q. Curley, Mary O’Neil Mundinger, Madeline A. Naegle, and Adeline M. Nyamathi. 

“Each year, the Academy selects exemplars of the profession to be recognized as Living Legends for their outstanding contributions in improving health and advancing the nursing profession as a whole. I am delighted to celebrate these accomplished leaders and visionaries,” said Academy president Kenneth R. White (CERTI '13), UVA professor emeritus. “Recognizing those who have transformed the work we do, particularly during the Academy’s 50th anniversary year, is a truly special honor. This year’s Living Legends have championed equity, diversity, and inclusion to collectively improve the public’s health in America and around the world.”

The American Academy of Nursing—now in its 50th year—serves the public by advancing health policy and practice through the generation, synthesis, and dissemination of nursing knowledge. Academy Fellows are inducted into the organization for their extraordinary contributions to improve health locally and globally. With more than 3,000 Fellows including this year's inductees, the Academy represents nursing’s most accomplished leaders in policy, research, administration, practice, and academia.