BSN students gathered around a patient bedside in the CSLC
Responding to demand from prospective students, the School has begun accepting applications for two new BSN transfer-in programs that take either 2 or 3 years. The first cohort begins in spring 2022.

Ready to be a nurse?

Two new transfer-in programs for current college students interested in transitioning into nursing are now accepting applications, cohorts that will arrive on Grounds and begin their course of study in spring 2022.

Developed in response to demand from students at both UVA and other colleges and universities who've decided part-way through their programs that they'd rather be nurses, the transfer-in programs admit motivated students who've completed a portion of their undergraduate degrees and wish to transition into nursing on a fast track, rather than starting a nursing program from scratch. Both programs - a two-year accelerated BSN transfer program and a three-year BSN transfer program - enable students to earn a baccalaureate degree in nursing in either two or three years of full-time, residential study and practice.

Advantages of the programs include:

  • INTIMACY . . . lively learning environments with a small cohort of peers
  • PEDIGREE . . . mentoring from world-class faculty and clinical instructors at one of the nation's top research universities
  • DEPTH . . . a wealth of clinical opportunities and learning at nearby UVA Health as well as a host of other high-quality clinical sites
  • HIGH-TECH . . . access to newly renovated Clinical Simulation Learning Center labs to hone and perfect skills prior to caring for human patients
  • LESS $$$ . . . fewer tuition dollars required, compared to beginning a BSN program from scratch

2-Year Accelerated BSN Transfer Program

This program is for students seeking a BSN on an accelerated path, and includes two summers of full-time learning. These students begin in May and finish their degree after two years of accelerated, full-time study.

3-Year Transfer Pathway 

This program offers students who've completed either one or two years of college coursework (30 credits) a path to earn a BSN in three years of full time study, but does not require summer semester learning. This cohort begins their study in the fall.

The deadline for the two-year accelerated BSN transfer-in program is October 1; for the three-year BSN transfer-in pathway, the deadline is March 1. 

Questions? Contact Kim Dieber: 434-249-2106