Faculty research & collaboration

School of Nursing faculty and students are very active in global nursing research. The initiation of the International Rural Health Faculty Award in 2010 has further expanded opportunities for faculty. Listed are a few of the most recent projects faculty have worked on.

Additional resources and information are available through the Center for Nursing Research.

Deepening Global Education Grant 2010

Palliative Care Partnerships in South Africa: Research and Education

Marianne Baernholdt, PhD, MPH, RN and Cathy Campbell, PhD, APN-BC, RN

This project will implement palliative care partnerships in the two provinces in South Africa(SA): Mpumalanga and Limpopo. The partnerships will include learning needs assessment of palliative care workers (both healthcare providers and community health workers), development and execution of education sessions, development of a tool to assess quality of palliative care processes and outcomes, training of healthcare providers on site to continue educational sessions and evaluation of quality, and an assessment of partnerships as possible sites for UVA students with interest in global health.

Center for International Studies Faculty Travel Awards 2010-2011

Jerusalem, Israel

Elizabeth Epstein, PhD, RN

Building Nursing Research Collaboration between the Henrietta Szold School of Nursing at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel and the University of Virginia - Award will support one week’s travel to the Hadassah Medical Center and the Henrietta Szold Hadassah School of Nursing in order to complete an ongoing collaborative study of nursing care in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The study has implications for future collaborations that have a broad reach in the national, professional, and patient care realms.

In collaboration with: Yaffa Zisk, PhD, MPH, RN; Senior Faculty Member, Henrietta Szold School of Nursing; Research Advisor and Coordinator, Maternal-Child Division,Hadassah Medical Center

Hong Kong

Barbara Parker, RN, PhD, FAAN

5th Hong Kong International Nursing Forum, June 3 - 4 2011 - The award will support travel to the conference where Dr. Parker will present a symposium on the use of the Empowerment Intervention for abused women which she developed and has been tested with Chinese women.

In collaboration with: Dr. Aggie Tiwari

Grand Bahama Island

Sarah Farrell, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, CNL

Building on the work Dr. Farrell and Dr. Drake started in January 2010 to increase information resources to the nurses in the seven main clinics and satellite clinics on the remote areas of Grand Bahama Island. One of the School of Nursing distinguished alums, Dr. Mary Delashmutt, RN, emigrated to the GBI and provides in-country liaison and mentorship to the students. Our focus is to build sustainable partnerships with the nurses who live and work in small clinics providing primary care to a remote, rural and impoverished population. The GBI project involves community assessment and education for nursing staff on topics of their choosing. The project builds on the Jefferson Trust Foundation funded project, Emerging Mobile Learning (EML), which piloted the use of Ipod Touch devices with third year BSN and first year CNl students in clinical settings. With the lessons learned from that project, the GBI-EML will focus on increasing the nurses access to health information resources. From prenatal care to end-of-life care, the nurses make home visits and provide holistic public health care on a daily basis to large numbers of patients. With access to information and resources, nurses will be able to increase the impact on health outcomes and quality of life.

International Rural Health Research Faculty Scholar Award Recipients 2010

Factors that Influence Quality of Care in Global Rural Areas

Marianne Baernholdt, PhD, MPH, RN

Examined how factors influencing quality of care may differ in rural areas. Developed a conceptual model depicting how community, institutional, and individual factors influence quality of care and completed a literature review. Findings were presented at the UVA Rural Global Health Symposium in December 2010 and at the International Council of Nurses (ICN) Conference held in Malta in May 2011. Fac - 2010 Baernholdt Report  

Palliative care needs assessment in Bushbuckridge , South Africa

Cathy Campbell, PhD, RN, APRN-BC

This grant supported travel within South Africa from August 31-Sept 9th, 2010. Prior to the trip a literature review was completed. Previous work was presented at the Hospice and Palliative Care Association of South Africa’s Annual Conference where there was also the opportunity to network with colleagues and learn about the current challenges of providing palliative care in SA. During the second week in SA, Dr. Campbell traveled to Mpumalanga province to join home visits with hospice providers and community health workers (CHW) and participate in a community roundtable with medical and nursing colleagues interested in palliative care, including representatives from the Department of Health. Fac - 2010 Campbell Report

Feasability of Etablishing Health Information Kiosks in Rural Areas: Grand Bahama Islands Health Services; Primary Nursing Clinics Rural and Homeland

Sarah Farrell, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, CNL

The Intersection of Rurality, Gender, Identity and Major Depression in Remote Rural Women: An International Perspective

Emily Hauenstein, PhD, RN, LCP (Thomas Saunders III Family Professor)

  • This project sought to develop theory about the rural and international context of depression among women. The grant supported the awardees to conduct an exhaustive literature review, create a draft paper, and obtain critical review from consultants in two countries--Australia and Canada. This paper will be submitted to the International Journal of Nursing Studies.
  • The award also supported a paper on depression and women that will be published in the upcoming 3rd Edition of the Encyclopedia of Nursing Research, a presentation at the conference “Rural Global Health Symposium: Advancing Health of Rural Populations Around the World,” held December 8, 2010, and an abstract to the Bi-Annual International Rural Nursing & Rural Health Conference meeting in Binghamton, NY, October, 2011.
  • Fac - 2010 Hauenstein Report  

An Evaluation of the Health Care Needs of Patients Post Earthquake and Community Assessment: Jacmel, Haiti

Audrey Snyder, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, CEN, CCRN

This pilot project evaluated the health care needs of patients seeking care at a make shift clinic in a church following the January 2010 earthquakes in Haiti and completed a community assessment of healthcare provision in Jacmel, Haiti.

  • Based on the community assessment work in Jacmel, Community Coalition for Haiti (CCH) has developed a permanent clinic in collaboration with the International Medical Corp. A retrospective chart review and analysis is currently underway to identify reasons for seeking care at temporary clinics during the first six months after the earthquake.
  • Results have been presented at three conferences thus far.
  • Fac - 2010 Snyder Report  

Diabetes Self-Management for Bahamians: Understanding, Intervening, and Evaluating

Sharon Utz, PHD, RN, Ishan Williams, PhD, and Kathryn Reid, PhD, RN, CNL, FNP-BC

Three goals were met through this grant funding. A literature review was completed to describe current knowledge regarding type II diabetes and self-management in the Bahamas. A descriptive study was completed to explore cultural beliefs surrounding diabetes self-management among rural Bahamian patients and nurses. From this work plans have been developed for a pilot intervention in the Bahamas. Undergraduate and graduate students have been involved in both the literature review and descriptive study. Fac - 2010 Utz-Williams Report  

Clean Delivery Kits (CDKs) in Rural Atlantic Nicaragua

Richard Steeves, PhD, RN, FAAN