International committee

The International Committee leads the faculty and students of the UVA School of Nursing in developing their knowledge and practice on a global scale. It is responsible for prioritizing, endorsing and evaluating the international initiatives undertaken by the School of Nursing, including activities led by faculty and the actions of student groups. It supports projects and opportunities that move the school toward the Guiding Principles and Commitments of the SON International Programs.

The International Committee meets the first Tuesday of September, November, February, and April. For additional information, please contact committee chair Dr. Connie Lee (2015-2016). Faculty and students may also direct questions and ideas for the Committee to their representative(s).

2015-2016 International Committee Members:

Connie Lee (chair)
Emma Mitchell (FCMHS representative)
Kathy Haugh (ACS representative)
Susan Kools (Global Initiatives Director)
Audrey Baker (NSWB president)
Tae Seo (Undergraduate)
Victoria Jenkins (MSN)
Joshua Gadd (DNP)

Theresa Carroll (Senior Asst. Dean for Academic & Student Services) - ex officio
Christine Kennedy (Associate Dean for Academic Programs) - ex officio
Dorrie Fontaine (Dean) - ex officio

Administrative Support: Jewel Holmberg