Assistant professor Emma Mitchell is a community health nurse, a nursing scholar and researcher at the University of Virginia School of Nursing.

Mitchell’s scholarship – currently focused on the feasibility and acceptability of at-home, self-screening HPV tests as a route to upping detection of cervical cancer in underserved, rural areas, both domestically and internationally – centers on care access and cancer detection, health disparities, and novel modalities for HPV vaccination and detection. Her current work involves a trial of a novel HPV screening test delivered by lay health navigators in rural Southwest Virginia where rates of cervical cancer are 22 to 33 percent higher than the state average.

Mitchell, who earned her PhD and MSN from UVA and her BSN from UMass Dartmouth, is assistant director of the School’s graduate global programs, a Conway Scholar, and director of the School’s #2-ranked Clinical Nurse Leader masters program. At UVA, she teaches courses on public health nursing, local and global health disparities, and social entrepreneurship and cancer prevention in Nicaragua, to both graduate and undergraduate students.


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