Professor Virginia LeBaron
LeBaron, who studies cancer pain and novel approaches to pain relief, brings the School's number of national academies fellows to 50 and its FAANs to 33.

Professor Virginia LeBaron—a palliative care nurse practitioner, Fulbright scholar alumna, multi-million-dollar NIH/NINR grantee, and a recently published poet—was named a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing at a Washington, D.C. ceremony in October.


with LeBaron's induction, the School's national academies fellows count is up to 50, and its number of FAANs totals 33

LeBaron—who is already a Fellow of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners—joined the nation’s more than 2,900 Academy Fellows who are leaders in education, management, practice, and research and engage to transform American healthcare systems. This most recent honor brings the School’s national academy fellowships count to 50, and its number of AAN Fellows to 33.

A 1995 graduate of UVA, LeBaron studied the geography of cancer pain, access to pain relief, and opioid abuse and diversion in Southwest Virginia, where cancer mortality is 23 percent higher than elsewhere in the state. In 2018, she earned a $350,000 National Institutes of Health grant to develop a novel app to detect and measure cancer pain in Nepal, where patients with late-stage cancer often suffer untreated pain due to a chronic shortage of morphine, the gold standard for treating pain from advanced cancer.

That same year, she began a pilot study with UVA engineering colleagues to develop wearable technology and environmental sensors to detect, manage, and predict pain from advanced cancer, work that she’s expanding upon thanks to a four-year, $3.4 million National Institutes of Health grant earned in 2021.

LeBaron is also a published poet with the release in 2021 of Cardinal Marks, her first book.