Katy Hall, PhD student
Hall, mentored by nurse scientist Emma Mitchell, will be working to adapt a new mHealth app to enhance patient-provider dialogue around cervical cancer.

An icon of a clipboard to signify scholarship in symptom science.$5K Center for Global Health Equity grantee - “Collaboratively adapting a tele-behavioral mobile application to enhance patient-provider communication regarding cervical cancer prevention efforts in Bluefields, Nicaragua” 

Though almost entirely preventable and treatable, cervical cancer is the leading cause of death among women ages 15 to 44 in Nicaragua. Hall traveled to Nicaragua in summer 2022 to interview care providers about the best ways to connect with patients who screen positive for the high-risk genotypes of HPV, some of whom have cervical cancer, to allay their fears and keep them on the treatment track. Feedback from these psychologists, gynecologists, and nurses informed the newest iterations of Mitchell’s mobile app “Azulado,” which aims ensure these women aren’t lost to follow-up. 

[VIDEO] "No More Lost to Follow-Up"

With Mitchell and her team, Hall helped determine what external resource links to provide on the app and is helping develop a framework for a series of short videos with information about how to do an HPV self-collection test, what to expect during a follow-up vaginal exam, and testimonials from women treated through tele-colposcopy and thermo-ablation. With the team, she will also develop structures for messaging portals to ensure that women with questions or who need private counsel will receive support in a timely fashion.