Hello, Dorrie! Bonnie Barnes here, co-founder and CEO of the DAISY Foundation.

Oh, my gosh, I can't believe you're really retiring. I can't believe you're leaving UVA. You've been such an institution, and I mean that with great respect and affection, not only to your colleagues at UVA but to the world of nursing for so many years. Of course to us, you've had an extremely special place in our hearts, We know that you were critically important to the foundation work that was done to establish meaningful recognition as a part of the healthy work environment. And that work has helped to put our program, the DAISY Award for extraordinary nurses, on the map. And on the map around the world.

So today we want to congratulate you on a very special career, and especially on being selected as UVA's very first DAISY faculty honoree. It's a huge honor, and a huge honor for us that your colleagues have chosen to celebrate you in this way.

So thank you, Dorrie, for all you've done for nursing, for all you've done for meaningful recognition, for all you've done to promote our passionate mission, for the friendship you've shown us over the years. We wish you all the best, and hope you'll stay in touch. So long, Dorrie; Congratulations.