The University of Virginia offers two doctoral programs in nursing to prepare expert clinicians and practitioners, as well as nursing scientists and researchers prepared to expand nursing knowledge in this new century. UVA graduates are working in leadership and faculty roles across the country, and our faculty and students are moving away from the bedside and into research (Richmond Times Dispatch).

All students in the DNP and PhD programs draw upon the strengths of the University of Virginia faculty, the resources of the UVA Medical Center, and the breadth of course offerings across the University. Our doctoral classes are scheduled in a manner that is conducive to the working nurse, and students commute from across Virginia and neighboring states. All doctoral students complete research projects (either clinical/evidence-based practice focused for the DNP; methods-based for the PhD).

Applicants to either the DNP or PhD should indicate what type of research they would like to undertake in the program.

Doctoral Degree Programs

Post-Doctoral Program

On occasion, the School of Nursing will admit candidates as post-doctoral students attached to one of the research centers in the school. Students may be a post-doctoral student for one semester or one academic year. Acceptance will be based on individual student objectives and how these align with existing faculty/center resources. Interested candidates should email the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid indicating when they would like to be a post-doctoral student, what their project objectives are, and should attach a copy of their resume/CV.

Post-doctoral students will pay administrative fees or tuition expenses to the University of Virginia. The school does not offer paid post-doctoral fellowships. Post-doctoral students are responsible for their own expenses (housing, food, and insurance).

Research Centers