Anatomy of a class

They nailed the SATs. Earned top-notch GPAs. Hailed from the top 10 percent of their graduating high school class, many with healthcare-related internships and volunteer work under their belts.
And if the newest crop of first-year nursing students is a talented, diverse bunch, they're also united in a common purpose: to begin their journey to enter the profession, joining the ranks of Virginia nurses.
So what does it take to be a member of the BSN class of 2018? >>


August, 2014

  • In the NICU, the 'next best thing.' >>
  • UVA's Ken White talks compassion at the end-of-life in advance of a ELNEC conference. >>
  • Kathryn Laughon feted by Int'l Assn. of Forensic Nurses. >>
  • UVA nursing prof Karen Rose named Fellow in the Gerontological Society of America. >>
  • UVA's Pam Cipriano - a research associate professor - elected to lead the ANA through 2016. >>
  • UVA nursing student visits White House, Pres. Obama, to talk about student loans. >>
  • The newest FAANs: Profs Drake, Phillips named Academy Fellows of the AAN. >>
  • The 'Mayo way' - UVA prof pens 150-year history of nursing in the esteemed clinic. >>
  • NPR feature highlights UVA Medical Center's new "situation room," UVAMC's all-hands-on-deck approach. >>
  • NBC 29 - "Room of Errors" puts focus on patient safety. >>
  • "Room of Errors" plants mistakes to drive home interprofessional message - an NPR feature. >>
  • Dean Fontaine, Susan Bauer-Wu's Richmond Times Dispatch essay on "Conversations about a good death." >>

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