Chief Lucas visits public health class South African village chief visits community health class

(2-11-14) Speaking softly in heavily accented English, Chief Lucas (aka Mauhungu Mbulaheni) --  head of a rural 300-resident village in Limpopo Province, South Africa -- recently opined about the importance of clean water, proper sanitation, Mandela Day, African cuisine, and even UVA basketball -- when he visited with Community Health 4th year nursing students.

Chief Lucas's village in rural Limpopo is the site of a variety of UVA-led efforts, including a clean water project led by the School of Engineering, community health clinics and health assessments led by the School of Nursing.

"There are so many changes we have seen," Chief Lucas told the students, "and when people like you teach us something, it means change. When you complain to the government that your people are suffering, it takes a long, long time. We can't live without being helped by people like you."

February, 2013

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