Public Health Nursing Leadership

Post-Master's Certificate

**Please note: the School of Nursing is not accepting applications for new students in Public Health Nursing Leadership at this time.

New opportunities for nursing leadership are abundant as health care shifts from hospital-based to community-oriented systems. The School of Nursing offers a post-master’s certificate program to prepare nurses for specialized practice in promoting the health of individuals, families, groups and communities. Emphasis is on the development of knowledge and expertise to assess the health status and health delivery systems of communities and to design nursing interventions to better manage care in complex settings. Courses provide the required knowledge and expertise needed to plan, implement, and evaluate care in community settings, including public health departments, schools, home health agencies, and community nursing clinics. Care management strategies to assure continuity of health service delivery for individuals and groups at the local and global level are emphasized.

The Certificate in Public Health Nursing Leadership is also offered for students who do not live in Central Virginia. In this option, students enroll in 2-4 courses per term and complete most of the course requirements via the internet. Classes meet 'live' at the University twice per term (first and last days of the term). Active-duty military nurses are exempt from the requirement to attend classes in Charlottesville those two sessions per term, and may access these class meetings via a web-camera.

The curriculum builds on both the theoretical knowledge and clinical experience of the bachelor's and master's prepared nurse.

Students can complete the post-master's certificate in Public Health Nursing Leadership in as little as 12 months.

Note:   Students in the post-master's programs at the University of Virginia are ineligible for scholarship assistance or student loans. University aid is restricted to those who are enrolled in degree programs (MSN, DNP, PhD, etc).

Program Coordinator: Pamela Kulbok, DNSc, RN (434)924-0128,


Students complete a total of 504 hours of clinical preceptorships. Most of these hours are completed in GNUR 7411 (fall) and GNUR 7412 (spring).

Students arrange to complete their clinical requirements close to your home. In the past, students have worked in public health (state or county), with school systems, with HMOs or other non-governmental actors, or with global agencies (W.H.O. Healthy Cities Project, international health missions, etc). Clinical/practicum activities are generally conducted within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Clinical/practice activities may be conducted in a different state as long as that state participates in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements. A list of participating states can be accessed at

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