Visiting scholars

Since 2004, we have been pleased to host over 50 visiting scholars from countries such as China, Denmark, England, Japan, Sweden and Thailand. They have included government health care policy makers as well as nursing clinicians and faculty who have come to UVA for short, concentrated programs and for year-long studies as well.

If you are interested in becoming a visiting scholar, please contact the Rural and Global Health Care Center Director.

Current visiting scholars:

Nopparat Chaichumni
Prince of Songkla University (Thailand)
October 2013 - January 2014
UVA mentor: Dr. Catherine Kane
Area of interest: Psychiatric mental health, specifically focusing on schizophrenia.

Dr. Loraine Bacchus, Marie Currie International Fellow
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (England)
September 2013 - August 2014
UVA mentor: Dr. Linda Bullock
Area of interest: Ethical and social impacts of home visitation programs for women affected by domestic violence.

Panita Krongyuth
Mahidol University (Thailand)
January - December 2013
UVA mentor: Dr. Cathy Campbell
Area of interest: Home-based palliative care.

Former visiting scholars

2013 - VSs Thai

Dr. Nongnut Boonyoung, Dr. Weena Chanchong, and Dr. Sasitorn Phumdoung
Prince of Songkla University (Thailand)
June 2013

Drs. Nongnut Boonyoung, Weena Chanchong, and Sasitorn Phumdoung, spent a month at
the University of Virginia School of Nursing, working with faculty in their area of interest. Each had a different experience, but all participated in meetings, events, and observations related to their field.

Dr. Boonyoung's interest is in health policy and she worked under the guidance of Drs. Kathleen Cox and Camille Burnett.

Dr. Chanchong's interest is in psychiatric mental health and she worked under the guidance of Anita Thompson-Heisterman.

And Dr. Phumdoung's interest is in obstetric nursing and midwifery, including women 's health care and she worked under the guidance of Drs. Emily Drake and Mary Gibson.

Monne Wihlborg and Anneli Jönsson
Lund University (Sweden)
May 2013

Dr. Monne Wihlborg and Anneli Jönsson primarily worked with Dr. Elizabeth Friberg while visiting the University of Virginia School of Nursing. They received an introduction to the School's new Baccalaureate plan of study, discussed the possibility of integrating a virtual exchange between our nursing students in leadership areas, and participated in meetings regarding collaboration with the School's Office of Nursing Research. When they were not in meetings, Dr. Monne Wihlborg and Anneli Jönsson worked on publications regarding virtual exchanges.

Hanne Mainz
Aarhus University (Denmark)
February - May 2013

While at the University of Virginia School of Nursing, Hanne Mainze worked under the guidance of Dr. Marianne Baernholdt on her research related to nurse staffing as well as quality of care and safety.

To meet her goals, Hanne Mainze participated in research team meetings and seminars, and audited GNUR 5260: Care Environment Management I. Additional activities within the University included meetings with the Medical Center 's leadership in quality improvement, nursing governance and IT (electronic health records), as well as different observational opportunities at various departments in the hospital.

2013 - VS Pernille Vandborg

Pernille Vandborg
Danish Deaconness Foundation School of Nursing (Denmark)
February - March 2013

Pernille Vandborg came to the University of Virginia School of Nursing, in part, to work on her final project for her undergraduate studies. While here, she worked under the guidance of Dr. Cathy Campbell, to address her two objectives:

  1. Compare and contrast palliative care in the United States and Denmark.
  2. Describe existential and spiritual care at the end-of-life from the perspective of patient, family and health care providers.

Throughout her stay, Pernille met with faculty that specialize in palliative and contemplative
end-of-life care, and was able to shadow a nurse in the Palliative Care Unit at the Medical Center and a home hospice nurse in the community. Prior to her departure, Pernille co-led a brown bag lunch session called Comparing Hospice Care in Thailand, Denmark, and the United States.

2012 - VS Fang Fang

Fang Fang
Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital (China)
July 2012 - January 2013

Fang Fang was a Peale-Woods Fellow at the University of Virginia School of Nursing for six months. While here, Dr. Kathleen Fletcher and Deborah Conway served as
her mentors. Her objective was to learn about the elderly and their care in the
United States.

In July, she participated in the course, English for Academic Purposes, at the Center for American English Language and Culture to improve her English, including medical English.

Starting in August and continuing throughout her stay, Fang Fang audited two
undergraduate classes - NUCO 4600: Community Health Nursing and NUCO 4400: Nursing Care of the Older Adult. In December, Fang Fang spoke to the Community Health class about nursing in China, where she described her work and her analysis
of the challenges that Chinese nurses and the Chinese health system face.

In addition to the courses she audited, Fang Fang was engaged with clinical experiences at sites in the hospital and the community, specifically focused on her area of interest, geriatrics. Among other experiences, she observed in the following settings where nursing care is given:

  • a support group for caregivers at the Alzheimer 's Association
  • nursing homes
  • an assisted living facility
  • a community center that offers nutrition, socialization and health screenings to low income community dwelling seniors
  • two government subsidized housing facilities for low income elders with nursing clinics
  • several ambulatory care clinics at UVA
  • UVA Transitional Care Hospital
  • UVA/Health South Rehabilitation hospital
  • home visits and wound care

Fang Fang met with her mentors weekly in class or in clinical sites. Additionally, she attended monthly meetings with her mentors, the School of Nursing 's Director of Global Initiatives, Dr. Baernholdt, and Dr. Peale to discuss her progress and plan her stay.

Satomi Yamaguchi
Nagasaki University (Japan)
November 2012

Satomi Yamaguchi's visit to the University of Virginia School of Nursing was unexpectedly shortened, due to travel cancellations caused by Hurricane Sandy. However, for the week she was here, Satomi Yamaguchi sat-in on undergraduate and graduate courses, attended the BSN and International committee meetings, toured the SON's Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry with the Director, and conducted observations in the Medical Center's palliative care and medical intensive care units. Dr. Kathleen Cox served as her mentor and assisted in arranging her plan of study.