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Engaged. Pertinent. Real-world. For UVA Nursing students of all levels, research is always close at hand.

For undergraduates, the School's R.E.A.L. courses, annual summer research internship program and its vibrant Distinguished Majors Program (for high-achieving undergrads) ensure regular and high-level exposure to meaningful scholarship.

For doctoral students, faculty scholars at the top of their professional game offer guidance, support, and mentoring of unparalleled quality, giving PhD and DNP students a world of resource at their fingertips.

So what questions are our students asking?


Room with a view
What can a crumbling psychiatric hospital teach us about using nature in compassionate, rehabilitative patient care?


The hidden homeless
Why are abused African-American women less able to find a safe place to call home? PhD grad Patty Wilson's two-part research project investigates.


When less (light) is more
Can something as simple as a colored bulb promote sleep in the hospital? PhD student Liza Letzkus' project aimed to illuminate this simple, but effective intervention.


Interns investigate
Meet the nine summer interns who dipped their toes into projects, Powerpoints, publications -- and paint, on UVA's famed Beta Bridge.

Epidural story 150px Tapping the warrior within
Hispanic women opt for labor and delivery pain relief dramatically less often than women from other races. But why? PhD student Juliane Milburn aimed to find out.
Nursing mom 150px Nurturing the nursers
It stands to reason that more mothers will breastfeed their babies if encouraged. But what sort of support makes a difference?


Distinguished Majors Program
Nursing students who demonstrate superior academic performance (GPA of 3.4 or above) are encouraged to apply for the School’s Distinguished Majors Program (DMP) to pursue a substantive project of their own that they would not have the opportunity to develop as part of their regular program of study.

The application process requires students to define a detailed research project and to obtain agreement of a faculty member to guide the research. The final product is a manuscript ready to submit for publication as well as an oral presentation. The student will submit possible journal names and author guidelines to the faculty advisor for approval. It is anticipated that the faculty advisor will be a co-author on most publications although the student must be the first author. The faculty advisor as well as the course professor review the manuscripts and approve the selection of the journal.

Summer research internships
Eight undergraduates are selected each year for this competitive paid summer internship with the School of Nursing's Office for Nursing Research. Students do everything from conducting literature reviews to interacting with human subjects, tackling data entry, taking blood samples, to filing and processing payments. In the process, they gain a vantage on a wide variety of research topics, come to understand the nuts and bolts of the research process, and often receive a publication or two under their belts.

Interested in taking part? For more information, contact Linda Bullock, associate dean for research.

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