Research Studies

U.Va. nursing researchers ask big questions: How to care for Alzheimer's patients. How to determine treatment routes for lung cancer patients. How to best serve pregnant teens, rural adolescents beset by addiction, and women and children ensnared by domestic violence. Our students are inspired to ask their own big questions, too.

The links below showcase some of the current and recent research projects going on in the School, part of our current crop of roughly $10 million in major external grants.

Pain graphic 150px

Mapping the brain to lessen the pain

If mild cranial electrical stimulation helps lessen fibromyalgia pain, as studies seem to suggest, does it do this by changing activity in certain brain regions? >>

 forensic_dye_img Documenting rape with a better dye

After a rape, forensic nurses fully document injuries by using a dye that causes lacerations and tears to “light up.” But the dye – a dark blue – doesn’t show on women of color, and that often means the perpetrators go free. A fluorescent dye, posits researcher Kathryn Laughon, may be the answer. >>

Detecting domestic violence with technology: a $4 million NIH grant

Are abused women more likely to reveal abuse to an iPad, or to a visiting nurse? >>