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Intramural Funding Overview

A principal objective of an intramural research award is to increase the success of proposals for extramural funding by supporting preliminary work that will contribute to the strength and competitiveness of submitted proposals. It is recognized that there are activities for which external support is very limited and proposals are accepted from faculty in those fields. A specific plan to obtain extramural funding to continue or expand the project is required in the application. A critical component of the awards, therefore, is a plan for obtaining external funds. Another factor that will be considered in the evaluation of the project will be the outcomes of prior projects supported with intramural funds. To assist with this evaluation, please list prior intramural funding received from the School of Nursing. Include the project title, funding amount, dates of funding and outcomes of the funding. Also include information on participation in any scholar programs supported through the School of Nursing.

Click here for the guidelines for proposals and application materials.  Submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Research Committee and funding decisions will be announced on an ongoing basis.

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We encourage faculty to think of creative ways to further develop their research expertise and to increase research productivity. Activities such as developing research consortiums and working with consultants to develop specific skills are also encouraged. Summer salary support for proposal development is acceptable if the investigator provides justification that they will develop a competitive proposal to be submitted during the Fall Semester.


The Office for Nursing Research offers information, advice, and consultation in the preparation of proposals. Contact Linda Bullock ( or 982-1966) if you would like assistance with your proposal. Camille Hicks ( is available to provide administrative assistance. Virginia Rovnyak and Guofen Yan are available to provide statistical consultation. Their hours are by appointment. Virginia Rovnyak's email is and her phone number is 243-6956. Guofen Yan's email is and her phone number is 982-6422.   Ivy Hinton is available for consultation regarding data management.

Intramural Funding Specifications

Purpose - To support faculty members in advancing their research programs. Thus, priority is given to projects that will lead to further research funding.

Eligibility - Individuals must describe the contributions this research is expected to make toward advancing the individual’s program of research.

Award Amount - The number of awards that may be given will depend on the merit of applications received and also on the size of the budget for the selected awards.

Selection Criteria and Requirements -

Contribution to the development of the faculty member’s research program - The proposal should show how the proposed research fits into the ongoing development of the faculty member's research program. The proposal should describe the investigator's own preliminary work leading up to this proposal and tell how the investigator will build on the proposed research in subsequent studies. Include the agency/agencies to which you will apply for external funding. A copy of the agencies' research priorities or past funding record will make for a stronger proposal.

Scientific Merit - Scientific merit will be evaluated in terms of the clarity of the aims, the significance of the problem, and the adequacy of the methods and procedures for achieving the aims. Reviewers will consider the feasibility of the proposed research and the likelihood of obtaining useful information from it.

Process of Selection - The School of Nursing Research Advisory Committee will make its recommendations to the Associate Dean for Research.

Funding Period - The funding period for this award should begin prior to June of fiscal year and should conclude within one year. The application should include a plan of work and a timeline showing the tasks to be done and the time allotted to them. The scope of the project and the plan should be such that it is reasonable to expect the project to be completed in one year. Funds remaining at the end of the funding period will be returned to the ONR budget.

Legitimate Budget Items - Funds may be used for summer salary, research assistance, consultants, subject payment, equipment and supplies, long distance telephone charges, and travel, including travel for research dissemination.

Product - The recipients of the award will be required to submit a publication and an external grant application based on this work.

* NOTE: The Intramural proposal follows the general guidelines of the PHS 398 application form used for NIH submissions. This document should be consulted if additional information is needed regarding the Components of Application.

Cover Sheet - In the form of a title page, include:

  • Title of project
  • Name and affiliation of Principal Investigator
  • Name and program of student(s)
  • Indicate if you have received prior financial support from the School of Nursing including the amount of support and the outcome or product of this support (i.e., grant proposal, article, etc.) Please list prior intramural funding received from the School of Nursing. Include the project title, funding amount, dates of funding and outcomes of the funding.
  • Your plan for future funding.

Specific Aims - Be clear and succinct. Tell what will be described and/or what hypotheses will be tested, and/or what questions will be answered.

Background and Significance - Include the most critical highlights of the literature to show what has been accomplished to date and to demonstrate that the aims of the proposed study have not already been achieved.

Importance to Development of Research Program - Briefly describe the investigator's own preliminary work on the topic and show how the proposed research is a logical, important, and/or necessary next step. Then briefly describe how the investigator's future work will build on what will have been accomplished in the proposed research.

Methods and Procedures - Describe the sample and give supporting data for your assertion that you will be able to obtain the requisite data during the time allotted. Describe Data Collection Procedures. List any instruments you plan to use and provide copies in an appendix. Describe the Research Design and planned Data Analysis Procedures.

NOTE: The above four sections, Specific Aims, Background and Significance, Importance to Development of Research Program, and Methods and Procedures, should occupy altogether a maximum of five single-spaced pages, in type no smaller than 10 point.

Human Subjects - Identify human subject issues and your plan for addressing human subject concerns.

Budget and Justification - Maximum one page. List the expenditures to be charged to the grant and the dollar amounts for each. Tell why each budget time is critical to the project. Please remember that amounts of time must be justified, i.e., 20 interviews x 1 hour per interview.

****Bio sketch - Please submit a current bio sketch with your application****

References - Using APA format, list the references cited in the proposal. Additional references not cited for reasons of brevity may be listed in a separate section, but the TOTAL of all the references should not exceed two pages.

Intramural Sources of Funding