Non-degree-seeking students

Individuals with BSN or MSN degrees may enroll in courses as a non-degree, temporary student. Acceptance is on a space-available basis, and non-degree seeking students may only enroll in didactic courses.  Non-nursing students may enroll in certain graduate level School of Nursing elective courses with permission of the instructor. Acceptance as a non-degree seeking student neither increases nor decreases your chance to be accepted as a degree student, and does not imply that you will be accepted to a degree program, or post-master's certificate program.

Instructions for Completing the Non-Degree Seeking Student Application:

  1. Identify which course, or courses, you would like to enroll in: Course Schedules
  2. Contact the faculty of record if the course requires prior approval.
    1. All doctoral level courses require faculty approval.
  3. Complete the Application for Permission to Enroll by the appropriate deadline. If the link here is not activated, then the application is not currently available.
    1. Be sure to include specific course numbers in your application.
    2. The above link is only for graduate level courses.
      1. There are separate applications for undergraduate courses: Fall and Spring and Summer
  4. Send an unofficial transcript to
  5. We will be in touch 1-2 weeks after the application deadline with an update on your application.

Master's level courses (GNUR 5000-7999): Non-degree seeking students may enroll a maximum of two courses, one course per semester. If you would like to take more than two courses, please contact our office. All MSN core courses (GNUR 6050, 6052, 6054, or 6056) require completion of a statistcs course (with a grade of B or better) within five years of the intended enrollment date.  Note: Pharmacology, Advanced Health Assessment, and clinical courses are not available to non-degree seeking students. Some graduate level elective courses are open for non-degree seeking students.

MSN level courses that can be taken in the spring by visiting students, if space is available:

Course Number     Course Title Course Format     Course Notes
GNUR 6050 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing     Online Core Course
GNUR 6052 Epidemiology and World Health In person Core Course
GNUR 6054 Research and Biostats In person Core Course
GNUR 6056 Health Policy Online Core Course
GNUR 5022 Science of Lactation and Infant Feeding In person Elective

GNUR 5009 

Medical Yoga (separate application required)  

In person 



Doctoral courses(GNUR 8000 or above): Non-degree seeking students may take one doctoral-level courses per semester (for a maximum of 2 classes). GNUR 8210 (fall semester) is recommended as a first course to take if you are considering the PhD program. If you are considering the DNP program, please contact the Assistant Director for Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid to inquire about space availability in a DNP core class.  Note that you must meet the course pre-requisites for the class that you want to take; for most doctoral classes this means having a recent course in statistics.

Applicants must contact faculty direclty for permission to enroll in doctoral level spring courses. Schedules can be found on the Registrar's page.

Students who receive a failing grade (less than a B-) in a course as a non-degree seeking student will not be permitted to take additional courses in the School of Nursing.

Application Deadlines

Visiting students are approved for enrollment after all degree seeking students have had a chance to enroll. Expect a 3-4 week wait for approval after the application deadline.

Fall Semester courses - August 1
Spring Semester courses - December 1
Summer Session courses - May 1

Transcript Requirements:

You will only need to send in official transcripts if you are allowed to enroll in courses.

If you do not have a degree from the University of Virginia already (or have not submitted a transcript for another admissions application within the past 6 months), you will need to have your degree transcript sent to the address below:

Office of Graduate Admissions - Attn: Adam Seid
University of Virginia School of Nursing
PO Box 800826
Charlottesville, VA  22908-0826


International Visiting Students:

Each year the School of Nursing hosts several students from overseas universities who come to the University for periods of study (one semester or one academic year) to enroll in courses that can transfer to their home universities. These students are, in effect, coming to the University of Virginia as exchange students or guest students. International visitors enrolling as students will be charged full tuition and would need to obtain an appropriate student visa to study at the University of Virignia.  All international students must present acceptable TOEFL or IELTS language testing results.

International graduate students interested in enrolling in classes at the School of Nursing should contact OASS.

The School has exchange programs with three universities overseas. We can only host undergraduate students through these existing undergraduate exchange programs.

International Visiting Scholars:

The School of Nursing also hosts visiting scholars who are not enrolled as students but come to the University for a defined period of time to collaborate or learn about research with a member of the School of Nursing faculty. This can be pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students, visiting clinicians, and other visiting scholars. A fee will be charged depending on the length of the visit. If you are interested in becoming a visiting scholar, please contact the Global Initiatives Program Coordinator.

For additional information on admission to and programs of study at the UVA School of Nursing, contact the Office of Admissions and Student Services at or 434-924-2743 / 1-888-283-8703.