Dr. Rovnyak has been interested in mathematics since a freshman in high school, when Dr. Max Beberman and others who were developing the "new math" at the University of Illinois experimented on math students at University High School in Urbana, Illinois.  The “texts” consisted of ditto sheets passed out at the beginning of each class, often hot off the press. Math classes were lively and interactive. Imagine being in a class in which the teacher was really, really interested in the students' reactions! 

Dr. Rovnyak’s interest continued through a PhD in mathematics from Yale University, years of teaching mathematics as an adjunct at the University of Virginia, and the discovery of the joys of statistics in 1993. Since 1997, she has given statistical assistance on grants and on the research of faculty and graduate students in the School of Nursing at the University of Virginia.

Research Focus

Statistical applications, with a special interest in complex survey analysis.


Journal Articles

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