Dr. Eastham received her BSN from West Virginia University and both her MSN and post-MSN FNP from the University of Virginia. She subsequently completed her PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Research Focus

Dr. Eastham is interested in exploring ways that nursing and health care can exploit the social networking culture to promote health and better understand the needs of persons living with chronic illnesses, especially those who may feel some isolation related to a stigmatizing diagnosis. She has completed a study analyzing public blogs and is currently focusing her attention on the ethical considerations inherent in this on-line approach. Additionally, Dr. Eastham is currently involved with NP and MD colleagues evaluating NP performance as compared with medical student performance on Clinical Practice Exams.

Clinical Focus

Dr. Eastham has spent the majority of her career in an advanced practice role and education. She has worked in a variety of settings, but always with patients who are living with chronic illnesses. Dr. Eastham spent more than a decade providing quality primary care to men, women, and children infected with HIV.


Journal Articles

Wihlborg, M., Friberg, E., Rose, K., & Eastham, L. (2018). Facilitating learning through an international virtual collaborative practice: Case study. Nursing Education Today, 61, 3-8.

Eastham, L., (2011). Research using blogs for data: Public documents or private musings? Research in Nursing and Health, 34, 353-361.