Donna Schminkey earned a BA in anthropology (1985) and a BSN (1988), both from UVA.  She was awarded master degrees in both public health and nurse-midwifery from Emory University in 1993 and earned a PhD in nursing from the UVA in 2014.  She practiced nurse-midwifery in North Carolina and Georgia until 1999, and has been practicing in Harrisonburg, VA since 2000.

Honors and Awards

  • Research in Nursing & Health Authorship Award, Southern Nursing research Society (2017)
  • Scholarly Dissemination Award, University of Virginia School of Nursing (2014)
  • Summer Genetics Institute, National Institute of Nursing Research (2014)
  • Phyllis J. Verhonick Dissertation Award, University of Virginia School of Nursing (2014)
  • Nomination, Virginia Nurse of the Year, March of Dimes (2013)
  • Member, Beta Kappa Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International of Honor Society of Nursing ( 2012-present)

Research Focus

Dr. Schminkey’s research and scholarship is focused at the intersection of health equity for vulnerable women, women’s health issues and the psychoneuroimmune processing of stress/support events. In particular, she studies how health care providers can support and improve the health of women who are recovering from trauma and understanding the psychoneuroimmune responses to violence and displacement through immigration that affect health and well-being. Dr. Schminkey has experience working with pregnant women, women experiencing family or intimate partner violence (IPV) and newly arrived immigrants.

Clinical Focus

Public health & nurse-midwifery: Her practice has focused on infertility evaluation and treatment, sexual health issues, evaluating recurrent gynecological infections, prenatal care and postpartum mood disorders. She has expertise in providing care in group and traditional one-on-one settings.

Teaching Focus

Pathophysiology, epigenetics, women's and maternal-child health


Professional Service

  • Office of Chief Medical Examiner, Virginia Department of Health (2017)
  • AWHONN representative, Maternal Mortality Review Team (2016-2018)
  • Member, School of Nursing PhD Program Committee (2013-2014)
  • Member, School of Nursing International Committee (2013-2014)
  • Member, Provost's Reappointment Review Committee for Dean of School of Nursing (2013)
  • Mentor, Scholars to Advance Research (STAR) Seminar Series: The Doctoral Student Mentor – BSN Group Mentee Program (2013)
  • Treasurer, Doctoral Nursing Student Organization (2011-2013)

Public Service

  • Treasurer, Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International (NNVAWI) (2016-present)
  • Advisory Board, Hand-in-Hand Resources (2014-present)
  • Board Member, Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International (NNVAWI) (2013-2015)
  • Member, Student Conference Advisory Committee for the National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence, Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International (NNVAWI) (2011-2012)
  • Vice President, Shenandoah Region Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners (2010-2012)
  • Program Services Committee Member, March of Dimes (2000-2003)


Journal Articles

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