Bethany Cieslowski is a University of Virginia alumna where she earned her BSN in 1997.  She has a master’s degree in the field of Medical Informatics.  She is currently an Instructor in Nursing in the Clinical Simulation Learning Center (CSLC), and she has a passion for nursing as well as a genuine interest in making informatics work in healthcare.   Ms. Cieslowski believes simulation is an effective strategy for the education of nursing students.  She is dedicated to making the CSLC a psychologically safe environment for students to practice clinical and critical thinking skills required to thrive as nursing professionals.


Journal Articles

Craig, S., Kastello, J., Cieslowski, B., & Rovnyak, V. (2021). Simulation strategies to increase nursing student clinical competence in safe medication administration practices: A quasi-experimental study. Nurse Education Today, 96, 104605.