University of Virginia School of Nursing
2008-2017: Dean Fontaine addressed faculty, staff and administrators at her 10th annual State of the School address in the Dome Room of the historic and recently renovated Rotunda.

Just after the peak of the historic eclipse, Dean Dorrie Fontaine said that, even against the backdrop of social and political upheavel in Charlottesville, on Capitol Hill and around the world, the School, says Fontaine, "is thriving."

Citing expansive growth in faculty scholarship, continuing education opportunities and graduate programs, the School is also enjoying record-setting applicant numbers, robust increases in diversity, and a host of new faces and expanded roles to celebrate, Fontaine said. Among the highlights:

  • A destination School - 1,041 applicants for 67 BSN spots, an 82 percent increase in 6 years
  • Inclusivity first - 28% of the incoming BSN class are from diverse backgrounds while 21% of the grad student body is diverse
  • Attracting top talent - 6 new faculty members include 3 professionals from outside of nursing (business, leadership, public policy, resilience and neoruscience)
  • A seat at MANY tables - 4 national nursing organization presidents on faculty, and dozens of faculty holding state and local leadership positions of merit

Want to know more? Have a look at Dean Fontaine's full presentation: State of the School address - 2017.