Anatomy of a nursing class

U.Va. students move in, August 2013
Dan Addison, U.Va.

Some 68 students were selected from among 700 applicants for this year's first year BSN class, making it the School's most competitive year ever -- and marking a new record of interest in the Commonwealth's oldest nursing program. Most of U.Va.'s newest BSN students nailed the SATs, 83 percent ranked in the top 10 percent of their graduating high school class, and many have already wet their feet professionally as volunteers and interns.

Following is the skinny on the BSN class of 2017. Congratulations, nursing students!

BSN class, at a glance:

  • 699 -- The total number of applicants vying for 68 undergraduate spots;
  • 64 -- Number of men who applied, alongside 635 women;
  • 290 -- Number of in-state applicants (409 were from out-of-state);
  • 2,073 -- Number of essays (each applicant pens three) read by the Central Admissions team in answer to the question, “Why nursing?”
  • 1919 -- The average SAT score of those admitted (out of 2400);
  • 83 -- The percent of BSN first year enrollees who rank in the top ten percent of their graduating high school class;
  • 2 -- Number of men admitted in the first-year BSN class, along with 66 women.


School of Nursing, at a glance

  • 55 -- Number of men among the 715 current nursing students enrolled;
  • $22.99 -- Starting price of a uniform scrubs top (required of all nursing students), depending on size;
  • $29.95 -- Starting price of a uniform nursing jacket for men, depending on size;
  • 6 -- Number of Conway Scholars enrolled in the CNL program, the novel master's program for non-nurses interested in pivoting into the field from other professions;
  • 23 -- Number of undergraduates (and 26 graduate students) who hail from Albemarle County;
  • 10 -- Number of undergraduates from Charlottesville;
  • 23 -- Number of BSNs who came from abroad, including 3 from New Zealand, 4 from Korea, 2 from Denmark and 2 from China.