What do we want to be known for?

Exceptionally compassionate and curious students from myriad backgrounds who become capable, inclusive, passionate nurses.

Research endeavors that make a difference at the bedside, in the board room, and on Capitol Hill.

As a home to current and future nursing leaders who make their voices heard without demeaning or shouting down the room.

A focus on resilience, self-care and well-being that translates into RNs' job satisfaction, professional longevity, and stellar patient care.

And while we do not necessarily seek out rankings, we are nevertheless proud that our programs continue to be recognized among the nation's best. UVA School of Nursing’s programs remain the only nursing program in the state ranked among the nation’s top 25, according to US News & World Report’s Best Graduate Schools for 2020, and our Clinical Nurse Leader master's program - a fast-track-info-nursing degree for individuals from outside the profession - continues to earn attention and applause.

This year, we are tied for #10 in the nation among public institutions for our master's and DNP programs (#21 and #19 overall), while our #2-in-the-nation Clinical Nurse Leader program continues to attract top talent from an ever-growing and diverse group of students.

UVA's nursing programs are everything you hear they are. Our school is everything they say it is. Our students inspire us by caring well for themselves, and for you, and yes, they're everything we say they are.

Passionate. Empathic. Empowered. Nursing the way nursing should be.

Together, we’ve made this School a destination, a fact evidenced not solely in rankings and reputation but in applications and passionate, devoted, talented alumni, students, faculty, and staff. Thanks to all for making this place so remarkable.

With gratitude,

Dorrie K. Fontaine, dean
UVA School of Nursing