BSN Class of 2024 student Emma Flint
Flint - a former doggy daycare employee, granddaughter of a L&D nurse, and coffee enthusiast - transferred to UVA after visiting a friend attending UVA.

Former doggy daycare employee. Coffee enthusiast. Granddaughter of a labor and delivery nurse practitioner. Adores her two dogs, Moose and Gigi, professor Sharon Bragg ("she has so much clinical experience there's a story for every scenario!"), and her pediatric nursing clinical rotations. Accelerated BSN and transfer student. Member of the great BSN class of 2024.

"FAMILY. I know it's a cliche, but everyone here always has your back."

Emma Flint describes UVA School of Nursing in a word


"When I was a student at another university, I visited my best friend who attends UVA and loved being here, which I hadn't really felt at the school I was attending. I was also drawn to the quality of the medical center here, and, when I learned about the Accelerated BSN transfer program, it just seemed like a perfect opportunity. I'm closer to home (Ashburn, Va.) AND I'm getting an incredible quality of education."


"FAMILY. I know it's a cliche, but everyone here always has your back, whether you want them to or not. You sure as heck spend a lot of time with your cohort and you get to know everybody so well. That goes for my peers and my professors. That is really unique to UVA."


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