Major Corine Gogert, a nursing graduate student, and her daughter
Gogert, an Army Major, mom, ICU nurse, and outdoor enthusiast, on why she chose UVA and what it's been like as a graduate student.

Meet Corrine.

ICU nurse. Mom. Active-duty Army Major, snowboarder, and enthusiastic hiker with three dogs in tow. Though a military nomad who's lived all over the U.S., she's a Seattle native at heart whose origins in the Pacific Northwest have inspired her lifelong love of the outdoors.


"You'll never be just a number or statistic. You're seen as a person and valuable member of a family. Your clinical experience will be varied and comprehensive in a safe environment for learning from experts in the field. The staff and faculty will be behind me 100%, 24/7. No matter how small the concern may be, they will step up and support me in any way they can. Their desire for me to succeed is unmatched!"
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