Anatomy of a class - the UVA School of Nursing class of 2020 is the School's most competitive in history

Some 76 students were selected from among 919 applicants for this year's first-year BSN class (the class of 2020), up ten percent since last year and 18 percent since 2014, making the class of 2020 the School's most competitive year in history - and again marking a new record of interest in the Commonwealth's oldest nursing program.

The newest cohort of BSN students nailed the SATs, more than 8 in 10 ranked among the top ten percent of their graduating high school class, and many have already wet their feet professionally as volunteers and interns.

Following is the skinny on the incoming BSN class of 2020:

  • 919 = the number of applicants for 67 BSN spots
  • 18 = percentage increase in applicants since 2014
  • 5 = number of men enrolled in the class of 2020
  • 40 = percentage of the class of 2020 that is ethnically and/or racially diverse
  • 2:1 = ratio of in- and out-of-state among 1st year BSNs
  • 14 = US states represented among enrollees
  • 5 = countries represented among enrollees (including the Philippines, Germany, the UK and Chile)
  • 8 in 10 = Proportion of BSN students in the top ten percent of their class
  • 1 = number of nursing students who are from a set of triplets (hi, Nina Z.!!)

Congratulations, students! We're so glad you're here - and proud of you already.