Prof Richard Ridge gardening with his granddaughter.
Ridge, a former healthcare executive, is determined to augment nursing graduate students' business and financial savvy. He's also a gardener and a grandpa.

Meet Richard. 

Container gardener. Farmer's market frequenter. Fly fisherman. Husband, father, and a grandfather times four. Former nuclear submarine sailor who earned commendation for contributions to crew morale during a 75-day submerged cruise in the North Atlantic. PhD alumnus, healthcare consultant, and former healthcare executive who led health systems in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Texas. Now an assistant professor and Clinical Nurse Leader program co-director passionate about teaching graduate students how to talk money (and budgets, ROIs, margins, cost savings versus cost reductions) so they’re nimble when interacting with C-suite leaders and colleagues alike. Currently earning a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner master’s certificate at the School so he can tend a broader base of patients.


"Pardon the cliché, but teaching at UVA School of Nursing is a dream come true.  Being able to influence the current and next generation of nurses is a privilege that allows me to share my experiences and expertise to help others make optimal career decisions, to improve care for our patient populations, and to leave our profession a little stronger for our having been a part of it. So, interacting with students, in and out of the classroom, is a source of great joy, especially when I hear about specific ways how something in the classroom clicks in practice."


"Obviously, we have some highly ranked programs, and offer a high-quality and high-value education across the board.  But in addition to rankings and program quality, the single most important reason to choose UVA School of Nursing is because you can take advantage of the supportive environment: our staff, faculty, and students. Undergraduate and graduate students are at the center of the School’s focus, and the culture here is one that brings out the best in people and helps support those in times of need."

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