Jeanne Alhusen with summer research interns in the ONR 2018
Alhusen was among those chosen for AACN's Leadership for Academic Nursing program for summer, 2018. In addition to her own research, she oversees the School's summer research interns each year.
Associate professor and assistant dean for research Jeanne Alhusen has been chosen by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) for its 2018 Leadership for Academic Nursing Program (LANP).
Alhusen - whose research is focused on improving maternal mental health and, consequently, improving early childhood outcomes, particularly for families living in poverty - is currently studying the effect of a mindful eating intervention (MB-PEAPOD) on obese and overweight pregnant women and their babies, and studying the experience of women living with disabilities and their ability to access family planning and sexual health services.
Since 2002, AACN has chosen a cohort of academic nursing faculty and administrators to develop the high-level leadership and executive skills of those aspiring to lead their nursing academic units, and those serving as the chief academic administrators. Over the year-long fellowship, LANP participants take part in a 5-day summer seminar, a mentored experience with a senior nurse researcher, and opportunities to hear from and follow up with seminar faculty, as well as sharing ideas and resources among peer fellows.

Alhusen earned a BSN from Villanova, an MSN from Duke, and a PhD from Johns Hopkins University, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and Medicine in 2013. As a board-certified advanced practice family nurse practitioner, she brings extensive professional nursing experience with a particular interest in the health disparities in maternal and child health.