A BSN graduate from the class of 2023 at graduation.

UVA School of Nursing 2023 Graduation

Under sunny skies and on the North steps of the famed UVA Rotunda, 280 Class of 2023 UVA School of Nursing students earned their nursing degrees Sunday, May 21:

  • 83 students earned Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degrees
  • 38 RNs earned BSNs through the RN to BSN program
  • 52 Clinical Nurse Leader students earned a Master's of Science in Nursing degree (MSN)
  • 79 students earned MSNs and post-master's specialty certificates
  • 21 students earned Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degrees
  • and 7 students earned a PhD in Nursing degree

BSN Class of 2023 Award Winners

BSN students chosen by faculty members for their clinical skill, leadership, and academic strength

  • Zoya Zahid
    The nursing student who contributed the most to the School of Nursing
  • Taylor Gibson
    The nursing student who contributed the most to the University
  • Flannery Enneking-Norton
    The 2022 Hemmings Clinical Excellence Award winner
  • Neha Jain
    The 2022 Z Society Edgar Shannon Award for Academic Excellence winner
  • Bridget Bechtloff
    The Virginia Nurses Association Leader Award
  • Ann Welch, RN
    The Susan Hutchinson Memorial Award winner

CNL Class of 2023 Award Winners

Clinical Nurse Leader students chosen by their faculty for their clinical skills, academic prowess, and leadership skills

  • Christine Cavan and Kelly Phillips
    the Clinical Nurse Leader Capstone Award 
  • Chloe Ester Cook
    the Clinical Nurse Leader Clinical Excellence Award

MSN, PhD, and DNP Class of 2023 Award Winners

Graduate students chosen by their faculty mentors for their academic skill, their clinical dedication, and for the power and strength of their scholarly pursuits

  • Brittany Harrison
    the Distinguished Nurse Award
  • Marina McBee
    the Outstanding DNP Scholarly Practice Project Award
  • Reynaldo Capucao
    the Barbara Brodie Scholars Award
  • Soojung Ahn
    the Verhonic Dissertation Award

  • Lauren Catlett
    Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award