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Who should put kids to sleep before a medical procedure -- and how?

Many doctoral students raise a glass to celebrate the successful completion of their dissertation defense. Nancy Crego (PhD `13), who studies pediatric sedation and is today a professor at Georgetown, continues to earn applause for work that began at UVa, including kudos and a national award from the American Association of Nursing -- long after her trip down the Lawn. >>


Carolyn Cordtz 200px

Nursing grad taps her tech geek

Carolyn Cordtz (BSN ’08) has assisted with open heart surgeries and scrubbed in on heart and lung transplants. Worked as the head nurse for a surgical team in Haiti after the country’s devastating earthquake. Traveled from Florida to California as a travel nurse. But it wasn’t until she moved away from patient care that she found her nursing niche.

"This career path isn't just one," says Cordtz, who works in medical IT. "And that's the beauty of it." >>

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Facing tough decisions about cancer care

These days, Patricia Hollen (BSN `67, PNP `71) hopes to ease the decisions lung cancer patients must make with a new tool that measures quality of life, overseeing multi-million dollar research grants in the process. But the NIH-funded researcher -- now the Yuille Professor of Nursing at UVa -- first came to nursing as a fresh-faced BSN student in the late 1960s. >>