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Building inclusivity awareness in online teaching

 Building Inclusivity Awareness in Online Teaching

Develop Inclusivity Mindset - Use Reflection for Awareness

Create a Brave Space - Humanize Learning Environment

Examine Course Elements - Avoid Stereotypes and Othering

Building Inclusivity Awareness sources/references

Develop inclusivity mindset

  • Bring an inclusive mindset to all that you do in class
  • How can I structure class so that all can learn and feel a sense of belonging?

Use reflection for awareness

  • Know yourself. What identities, background experiences, and values do I bring to my class?
  • Know your students. what are my studens’ demographics, cultural backgrounds, and languages spoken?

Create a brave space

  • Welcome and respect all identities
  • Build trust and rapport.
  • Foster challenging dialogues re:difference.

Humanize Learning Environment

  • Make personal connections,
  • Know names and use preferred pronouns
  • Use gender neutral, inclusive language

Examine Course elements

  • Use an inclusivity lens
  • Review course content, assignments, teaching methods to integrate diversity and equity

Avoid stereotypes and othering

  • Avoid using examples that generalize or categorize a person based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or other social identity
  • Create class norm to respectfully challenge bias when it occurs

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