As a part of the Inclusion, Diversity and Excellence Achievement initiative (IDEA) and in partnership with the Diversity Committee, we support a Faculty and Staff Ally group in the School of Nursing. The purpose of this group is to support our underrepresented students, including racial and ethnic minority, LGBTQ+, and first generation students, students with disabilities, and any other students who may feel marginalized due to a minority status or particular life experience.  

Expectations of Faculty and Staff Allies include to: 

  • Be a visible ally. Allies will be publicly identified as persons that students can come to for support or to confidentially debrief and/or problem solve a situation.  
  • Make deeper relationships. Allies will be available as mentors to underrepresented students to help them navigate the academic environment, address obstacles, and reduce feelings of isolation. Allies will also be willing to develop genuine connections with students by gaining a fuller picture of their lives and concerns.  
  • Show up. In partnership with the Diversity Committee, Allies will help plan and attend IDEA social functions for underrepresented students, as well as whole community engagement activities to nurture a welcoming and inclusive climate in the School of Nursing. 
  • Respond. When an event happens within the School of Nursing, on Grounds, or outside of UVA that has potential impact on our students, especially underrepresented students, Allies will serve as first responders. This entails being visibly available to students in distress and working with the IDEA Team and the Diversity Committee to systematically address these issues in a timely and respectful fashion. While it is our aim to have all faculty and staff be considered as supportive allies to our students, the role of Faculty and Staff Ally fills a gap that underrepresented students have identified and is above and beyond the usual advising role.
Faculty and Staff Allies

Faculty and Staff Allies

Kim Acquaviva (Professor)

I am an ally because I support marginalized/minoritized students, staff, and faculty. I am an accomplice because I use my privilege and power to dismantle racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, and classist systems and structures. I am a co-conspirator because, in my efforts to dismantle systems and structures of oppression, I acknowledge, respect, and support the work being done by marginalized/minoritized groups. I’m willing to risk losing power and privilege as a result of my efforts.

Theresa Carroll (Sr. Assistant Dean - OASS)

I am an ally because I care about our community and each and every nursing student. I want to ensure that all voices are present and heard.

Kathryn McEldowney (Staff)

I am an ally because I want to be an effective listener and learn.

Maureen Metzger (Professor)

I am an ally because I believe that my behavior should reflect my values and priorities, and co-creating a community where each person feels cherished, respected, and included is important and attainable. Just imagine what such a community could achieve!

Emma Mitchell (Professor)

I am an ally because I am committed to creating and maintaining a culture within our School of Nursing that is welcoming, inclusive, and affirms the many identities of each of its members.

Kathryn Reid (Professor)

I am an ally because I want to stand up against discrimination. I am an ally because I want to help amplify the voices of others who experience disadvantage and inequity. I am an ally because I want to help each person feel important, valued, and included.