HALT the discussion

  • Pause to consider the comment. 
  • Ask for clarification.
  • Express appreciation for raising the issue. 
  • Focus on the idea.
  • Deconstruct the comment without placing the individual on the defensive. 

ENGAGE with the issue

  • Self-check, check the room/virtual room, look for body language, listen for tone. How are others responding? 
  • Discuss the issue in a non-judgmental, respectful manner. 

ALLOW exchange of opinions, stories, perspectives, and reactions

  • Let others express their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and opinions

LEARN deeply to one another

  • What can we learn from one another's experiences or observations? 
  • Even with conflict, there can be a positive take-away like gaining a perspective and understanding for views and beliefs that challenge our own

SYNTHESIZE the discussion

  • Think about why does this discussion matter?
  • Can you relate the conversation back to health equity, quality of care, and/or respect? 

Resource: UCSF SON Diversity in Action Committee, 2016