SON Action Group: Facilitating Conversations with Diverse Perspectives

SON COMMUNITY: The UVA School of Nursing community represents many diverse characteristics, perspectives, beliefs, values, and experiences. We recognize and value this rich diversity and aspire to offer an equitable, inclusive, welcoming, secure, responsive, and affirming environment that fosters mutual respect, empathy, and trust.  

Improving Classroom Environment 

  • All members of the SON should feel that they can speak up and that their voice will be heard and respected 
  • Our Goal: Equip members of the SON community with skills and discussion guidelines to improve the skillfulness of our participation in discussions that may challenge us or our identity
  • Foster productive conversations without causing unintentional harm. 
  • Encourage mutual respect, a growth mindset, and an inclusive community

Reach out: 

  • Issues or comments may surface in class or outside of class that can cause offense or unintentionally be hurtful to someone. Such comments may be made by either students or faculty, or sometimes raised in reading assignments or course content. It is important that we all commit to addressing issues as they arise, in a respectful manner.


  • Maintain a respectful tone, avoid raising your voice, name-calling, attacks on character, or letting emotions run the discussion.
  • Listen to others, and don't interupt.


  • Keeping each other accountable is key but lead the discussion with kindness, grace, and willingness to learn from one another. 

Don't make assumptions

  • Do not make assumptions about the views or character of others. Instead, focus on the ideas and less about the individual.


  • Try to see the issue from the other person's perspective before stating your opinion