Student Organizations & Governance

Find a host of rich, rewarding opportunities to participate in student-led organizations, both here and abroad.

Honor Societies

Sigma Theta Tau International, nursing honor society - Beta Kappa Chapter

Student Governance

Doctoral Nursing Student Organization (DNSO)

Graduate Nursing Student Organization (GNSO)

Nursing Student Council (NSC) officers, 2014-2015

The NSC is comprised of officers of the Student Association, the class presidents, and a chairperson elected by the student body and is responsible for all student functions within the School.

  • Marta Moore, president
  • Elizabeth Holohan, vice president
  • Kate Garity, secretary
  • Suz Gill, treasurer
  • Katie Sutton, social chair
  • Jane Muir, student council rep
Class of 2015
  • Jessica Borchert, president
  • Beth Loudin, vice-president
  • Quinn DeMott, secretary
  • Jennifer Arcilla, treasurer
  • Emma Volz, NSC rep
  • Renee Redman, social chair
  • Colleen Koppenhaver, historian
  • Ashley Self, endowment chair
Class of 2016
  • Ashley Munoz, president
  • Melina Rapazzini, vice president
  • Sally Haines, secretary
  • Emily Winchester, treasurer
  • Katherine Keegan, social chair
  • Laura Goad, endowment chair
  • Sarah Glatt, historian
Class of 2017
  • Isabella Piccininni, president
  • Mary Heekin, vice president
  • Carolyn Saunders, secretary
  • Paige Altrui, treasurer
  • Abby Carrier, social chair
  • Dani Roques, NSC rep
  • Jenna Parker, endowment chair
  • Kayla Fynaardt, historian

School of Nursing Governance

Students serve on a variety of standing committees with faculty and peers, including:

  • BSN program committee (2014-15): Marta Moore
  • RN to BSN program committee (2014-15): Ashley Mangum
  • MSN program committee (2014-15): Bailey Ocker
  • Diversity committee

UVA-wide governance

Non-Affiliated Student Organizations

Multiculturalism in Nursing Today (MINT)

  • Erika Fernandez, president
  • Camille Davidson and Natalie Coday, co-vice presidents
  • Sydney Greenberg and Ashley Belfort, cultural and diversity event directors
  • Janell Green and Rebecca Abdul, financial officers
  • Daisy Trejo and Emily Uosseph, fundraising /community service outreach directors
  • Rachelle Proctor and Divya Babu, secretaries

Men Advancing Nursing (MAN)

Nursing Students without Borders

  • Beth Loudin, president
  • Lindsey Sinclair, vice president
  • Amy Gilchrist, secretary
  • Mary Mooney, treasurer
  • Erika Fernandez, El Salvador director
  • Audrey Baker, local initatives
  • Brianne Ermalinski, fundraising director

Student Nurse Association of Virginia (SNAV)

  • Brittany Pierce and Heather Lister, co-presidents
  • Chelsea Hull and Cynthia Quarles, co-vice presidents
  • Ashley Self, treasurer
  • Rosa Yoon, secretary
  • Quinn DeMott and Lois Theo, legislative directors
  • Andreya Adams and Erika Fernandez, BTN directors
  • Katherine Brann and Jennifer Maneffa, newsletter editors
  • Jessica White, webmaster
  • Jessica Denomme and Ashley Hudson, historians
  • Emily Adam, Divya Babu and Erika Fernandez, community service committee
  • Quinn DeMott and Emily Koyen, social committee
  • Emily Cramer and Ashley Munoz, nominations & elections committee

Nursing Christian Fellowship


 Non-Affiliation Statement for Student Organizations

Although these organizations have members who are UVA students and may have University employees associated or engaged in their activities and affairs, the organizations are not a part of or an agency of the University. They are separate and independent organizations that are responsible for and manage their own activities and affairs. The University does not direct, supervise, or control the organizations and is not responsible for the organizations' contracts, acts, or omissions.