2023 Updates in Kidney Transplantation - Removing Barriers and Building Bridges

Charlottesville or Zoom
June 22, 2023 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Organized By: Hanson, Linda L. (llh3x)

A live, hybrid conference:

  • In person at UVA Fontaine Research Park, 560 Ray C. Hunt Dr., Charlottesville
  • Virtually through Zoom

Program Overview:

Kidney transplantation is the best option to restore quality of life for patients with end stage renal disease. Dialysis unit staff require relevant and accurate information regarding advances in kidney transplantation in order to educate patients in their dialysis units. Dialysis patients benefit from education that starts early in their diagnosis of ESRD. Through partnership with dialysis unit staff and nephrology practice staff, we are able to provide a consistent message throughout the care continuum about the lifesaving benefit of kidney transplantation, connections between patient experience and transplant outcomes, and strategies for overcoming barriers to successful transplantation.

This conference will address:

  • Evolving approaches to combined organ transplantation
  • Evolving strategies for individualized immunosuppressive therapies
  • Myths and misconceptions concerning the affordability of transplant medication
  • Team members’ roles in assessment for transplant candidacy, factors in transplant success and failure, and patients’ perspectives on overcoming barriers to transplant
  • Evidence-based changes in understanding of the benefits, risks, and indications for Robotic Assisted Kidney Transplantation (RAKT)
  • Dietary recommendations for specific complications of transplant patients
  • Evolution of matching strategies used in paired kidney exchange


Target Audience: dialysis unit nurses, social workers, technicians, dieticians

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