SNAV Speaker Series - "Stop the Bleed!" with Prof. Beth Quatrara, DNP program director

McLeod 1003
November 22, 2021 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM
Organized By: Nurs-Web Calendar

You’ve got less than three minutes to respond to someone’s life-threatening injuries to prevent them from bleeding to death. What basics do you need to know?


The national “Stop the Bleed” program will teach you how to respond in a critical situation to stabilize people who’ve been victims of traumatic injury. DNP program director and assistant professor Beth Quatrara – a medical-surgical and trauma nurse, interprofessional guru, and an expert in acute and progressive care – will teach nursing students and others what they need to know about how to ensure that victims of critical injuries can be saved when you have just minutes to prevent their death. Participants will earn “Stop the Bleed” certification.


Hands on and informative. Open to all. Please join us!