2021 Diagnostic Imaging: Chest X-Rays

A live, participatory webinar
November 16, 2021 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Organized By: Hanson, Linda L. (llh3x)

Michael B. Sneider, MD

Associate Professor, UVA Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging


A live, participatory internet-based conference.



Advanced practice providers and other health care professionals rely on radiology to diagnose, treat, and evaluate a myriad of health problems. Chest x-rays are a common radiology study, and assuring fundamental competency in the initial evaluation of these studies is integral to safe and effective care. This conference will provide a review of basic evaluation of a chest x-ray and of American College of Radiology appropriate use criteria. The conference will also include discussion of chest x-ray-related health inequities and disparities.

Advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, nurses, and physicians

Desired Outcomes/Educational Objectives

Through participation in this conference, participants will be able to:

·         Apply American College of Radiology (ACR) Appropriateness Criteria when determining necessity for chest X-rays

·         Demonstrate a systematic approach to evaluating a chest x-ray

·         Identify common pathologic problems evident in a chest x-ray

·         Discuss issues related to radiology test-related health inequities and disparities


  • Clinicians — $40, $45 after November 1st
  • Students and UVA Employees — $30, $45 after November 1st

More information: https://www.nursing.virginia.edu/sonce/ce-events/2021-chest-xray/