When is the application deadline?

All specialty MSN and post-MSN certificate program applications are due December 1, the point at which the admissions committee begins its review before extending admissions offers. All admissions decisions are announced by March 1.

What are the admissions criteria?

It depends on the program. For example, at least one year of full-time RN practice is required for the NP and CNS tracks, but RN experience is not required for the CNL track. Each program page lists the criteria that a competitive candidate for that particular track should have.

When can I visit?

The School of Nursing hosts regular information sessions for prospective undergraduate and graduate students.

Where do I get an application?

All applications are electronic, and are completed online. Appropriate application links are available on individual program pages or students may find them on the Admissions Apply page. There are no paper applications.

Should I apply early?

There is no advantage to applying early as the School has no early decision deadline for master's programs. The review process begins in early December as soon as admissions files are completed. Because the admissions application is online, you can submit it and any supporting information - test scores, recommendations, transcripts, RN license, etc. - to the Office of Admissions & Student Services at any time prior to the deadline.

Please note however that changes are made to the application each year (new questions, new writing prompts, revised recommendation forms) and the new application is available in summer each year.

How many applications do you usually have each year?

Numbers vary year to year, but admission to UVA is always competitive. In 2018, we received approximately 250 applications for 90 spots.

Do I have to submit GRE results? 

We do not request GRE scores for MSN applicants.

Do I have to have statistics completed before I apply?

No. You may apply by December 1 and be taking statistics that fall or following spring, but we recommend that you complete the statistics requirement no later than May (before course selection in June). 

Are there any prerequisite classes?

All enrolling MSN students must have completed a course in statistics within five years of entry to the program (click here for a list of approved stats courses). Fall entry into any program means you must have completed the pre-requisite no earlier than 5 years prior to the fall of entry.  

The web site says competitive APRN applicants should have a clinical certification at the time of application. What does this mean?

We expect applicants to the NP and CNS programs to have an advanced clinical certification when they apply or to be well on their way toward this certification. A non-exhaustive list of certifications includes:

  • Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN)
  • Progressive Care Registered Nurse (PCRN)
  • Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN)
  • Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse (WOCN)
  • Certified Transplant Registered Nurse (CTRN)
  • Certified Gastroenterology Registered Nurse (CGRN)
  • Certified Neurology Registered Nurse (CNRN)
  • Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse (CCTN)
  • Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN)
  • American Association of Heart Failure Nurse (AAHFN)
  • Certified Psych-Mental Health Registered Nurse (PMHRN-BC)

I am enrolled in a BSN program now. May I still apply to an MSN track, even though I haven't officially earned my BSN yet?

Yes, but the Admissions Committee must receive an official transcript showing the award of the BSN degree before the first day of classes.

I have not yet passed the NCLEX. May I still apply for the RN to CNL track?

Yes, but you must be an RN (have passed the NCLEX) before the first day of classes.

How can I check my application status?

You may track your application status (incomplete application, complete application, under committee review, etc.) from within the application, where you may also see what facets of your application are missing (transcripts, recommendations, copy of your RN license). It is the applicant’s responsibility to see that the Admissions Committee has all supporting materials.

Is there an interview?

Yes. The direct-entry CNL program, all specialty MSN tracks, and the BSN-DNP programs will conduct face-to-face admission interviews. In extenuating circumstances, phone or Skype interviews may be offered. You will be contacted by the Admissions Committee if an interview is required.

When am I notified about the admission decision?

All letters of decision are posted online by March 1.

I am not a Virginia resident. Do I need an RN license in Virginia?

All RN applicants must submit a copy of their RN license at the time of application, no matter the state. If you are offered admission and decide to enroll at UVA, you must obtain a Virginia RN license before the first day of class. If you are in a distance-learning program, you must have a valid RN license in the state where you will be conducting your practica.

What kind of financial aid do you offer MSN students?

As a graduate student, you are eligible for scholarships administered directly by the School of Nursing. We will email a link to the financial aid application to those who accept our offer of admissions in February. All applicants are encouraged to fill out the FAFSA and have your FAFSA information sent to the University Office of Student Financial Services by the end of February.

Is there an admissions deposit?

Yes, a deposit of $250 is due when you accept an offer of admissions, an amount that will be applied to your tuition/fees when you enroll. You will be prompted to pay this deposit through a link in your admissions offer letter.

It is possible to defer acceptance to the MSN or DNP program?

No. Students who are unable to attend for the term of admission are asked to reapply. Consideration is given to admitted active duty military students.

Have another question?

Call or email the Office of Admissions & Student Services at nursing-admissions@virginia.edu or call (434) 924-0141 (434) 924-0141 .